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  • student shooting a film
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  • Four female Spanish dancers with fans

World Premiere of 'Let Them Eat Cake' at the Dhaka International Film Festival in Bangladesh

February 28, 2014

Unit  Director Shabnam Ferdousi and Co-Producer Sanjoy  Ghosh."Let Them Eat Cake" had its World Premiere at the Dhaka International Film Festival on January 13, 2014.  "Let Them Eat Cake's Co-Producer Sanjoy Ghosh (Indi) and Unit Director Shabnam Ferdousi (Bangldesh) represented the film at the Q&A.  The film had its Sneak Preview at CSUN in October 2013 and will have its European premiere at the Ethnografilm Festival in Paris in April 2014.  For more information, see