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Drum Roll, Please: Faculty Member, Drummer Performs in Historic Super Bowl Halftime Show

March 5, 2022

By Daniela Aseng (republished from CSUN Today)

trevor lawrence
Trevor Lawrence, Jr.

Modern Super Bowl halftime shows are known for bringing the biggest names in music, and each year’s performance aims to outdo the last. This year’s event was no exception. For the first time, the show centered on hip-hop icons. Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige and Kendrick Lamar performed before a global TV audience, estimated to attract 117 million viewers. American Sign Language (ASL) artists performed with the musicians. Grammy Award-winning and world-renowned drummer, producer, songwriter and composer, CSUN lecturer Trevor Lawrence Jr. accompanied the performers.

In an interview before the game, Lawrence Jr. noted that this is a major career milestone among many.

“It’s amazing. It’s historic for it to be happening in my hometown, with people I’ve been working with for over two decades. It’s just the greatest possible scenario,” Lawrence Jr. said. “I’ve played at events that are big like this, but the scope and the fact that it’s the Super Bowl, there’s nothing really bigger than that. And the first hip-hop show in its 56 years, too.”

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