• Production shot from DON GIOVANNI
  • french horns
  • choir and orchestra
  • pianist, clarinetist, and violinist
  • violin section of orchestra
  • wind orchestra

Student Recitals


Unless noted, all student recitals are held in Cypress Recital Hall.  All student recitals are free and open to the public.

***Please note that the schedule below is subject to change. To verify any of the dates/times below, please call or visit the Music Front Office (Monday-Friday 8am-5pm)***


Sunday, January 27th, 7:30pm- Grover Castro Tiburcio- BA Sr.- Trumpet


Sunday, February 3rd, 2:30pm- Yu-Ting Peng- MM- Piano

Sunday, February 3rd, 7:30pm- Toby Thomas-Rose- BM Sr.- Piano

Friday February 15th, 7:30pm- Guy Hartshorn- BM Sr.- Jazz Saxophone

Saturday, February 16th, 10:30am- Jason Yi- MM- Trumpet

Saturday, February 16th, 4:30pm- Catherine Grigoryan- BM Sr.- Voice

Saturday, February 16th, 7:30pm- Eojini Park- MM- Collaborative Piano

Sunday, February 17th, 7:30pm- Hannah Lewis- BM Sr.- Media Composition

Thursday, February 21st, 7:30pm- Shara Sun- MM- Piano

Sunday, February 24th, 2:30pm- Johann Phillip Palo- BM Jr.- Clarinet

Sunday, February 24th, 7:30pm- Jasmine Daboul- BM Sr.- Voice

Monday, February 25th, 7:30pm- AJ Asano- BM Sr.- Jazz Trombone

Tuesday, February 26th, 7:30pm- James Morgan- BM Sr.- Jazz Piano

Thursday, February 28th, 7:30pm- Spencer Hutton- BM Sr.- Jazz Bass


Friday, March 1st, 4:30pm- Shahid Osuna- BM Sr.- Flute

Friday, March 1st, 7:30pm- Evan Block- BM Sr.- Saxophone

Sunday, March 3rd, 2:30pm- Karina Lissi-DuBois- BA Sr.- Voice

Sunday, March 3rd, 4:30pm- Sophia Stratton- BM Sr.- Voice

Monday, March 4th, 7:30pm- Theron Kay- BM Sr.- Media Composition

Wednesday, March 6th, 7:30pm- Cameron Clendaniel- BM Sr.- Composition

Thursday, March 7th, 4:30pm- Raul Hernandez Cruz- BM Sr.- Media Composition

Thursday, March 7th, 7:30pm- Christopher Middleton- BM Sr.- Jazz Trombone

Friday, March 8th, 4:30pm- Gillian Richman- BM Sr.- Saxophone

Friday, March 8th, 7:30pm- Charles Brunson- BM Sr.- Trombone

Saturday, March 9th, 12:30pm- Alejandro Barcenas- BM. Jr.- Guitar

Saturday, March 9th, 4:30pm- Ji Choe- MM- Voice

Saturday, March 9th, 7:30pm- Kallen Meyer- MM- Piano

Sunday, March 10th, 12:30pm- Andrew Robinson- BM Jr.- Piano

Sunday, March 10th, 2:30pm- Jocelyne Bautista- BM Jr.- Clarinet

Tuesday, March 12th, 4:30pm- Gabrielle Johnson- BM Sr.- Voice

Tuesday, March 12th, 7:30pm- Deborah Tejada- BM Sr.- Voice

Wednesday, March 13th, 4:30pm- Sofia Castillo- BM Sr.- Voice

Wednesday March 13th, 7:30pm- Joseph Alex Reyes- BM Sr.- Composition

Friday, March 15th, 4:30pm- Joshua Curiel- BM Sr.- Voice

Friday, March 15th, 7:30pm- Anna Martone- MM- Flute

Saturday, March 16th, 2:30pm- Jinglang Sun- BM Jr.- Piano

Saturday, March 16th, 7:30pm- Katrina Dubbs- MM- Voice

Sunday, March 17th, 10:30am- Terrill Tackwood- BM Jr.- Guitar

Sunday, March 17th, 12:30pm- Zakaria Solotoff- BA Sr.- Saxophone/Breadth Studies

Sunday, March 17th, 2:30pm- James Choi- BA Sr.- Trumpet

Sunday, March 17th, 7:30pm- Alea Gough- MM- Voice

Monday, March 25th, 4:30pm- Jiang Chang- BM Sr.- Media Composition

Monday, March 25th, 7:30pm- Marco Lopez- BM Sr.- Jazz Trumpet

Tuesday, March 26th, 7:30pm- Kylie Brown- BM Sr.- Media Composition

Wednesday, March 27th, 4:30pm- Zhuoer Zhou- MM- Piano

Wednesday, March 27th, 7:30pm- Alejandro Arreola- BM Sr.- Composition

Thursday, March 28th, 4:30pm- Matthew Soibelman- BM Sr.- Voice

Friday, March 29th, 4:30pm- Taylor Hertz- BM Sr.- Media Composition

Friday, March 29th, 4:30pm- Miguel Lopez- BM Sr.- Media Composition

Friday, March 29th, 7:30pm- Jorge Jersy Vazquez Arrioja- BM Sr.- Composition

Saturday, March 30th, 12:30pm- Mingyue Wei- MM- Piano

Saturday, March 30th, 2:30pm- Anjela Tokadjian- BM Jr.- Piano

Sunday, March 31st, 12:30pm- Ying Han- MM- Piano

Sunday, March 31st, 2:30pm- David McGarry- BM Jr.- Voice


Sunday, April 7th, 4:30pm- Aaron Fairbanks- BM Sr.- Voice, Nordhoff Hall 107

Monday, April 8th, 4:30pm- Daniel Ward- BM Sr.- French Horn

Monday, April 8th, 7:30pm- Bruce Monical- BM Sr.- Media Composition

Tuesday, April 9th, 4:30pm- Leticia Munguia- BM Sr.- Voice

Tuesday, April 9th, 7:30pm- Ralph Keating- BM Sr.- Piano

Wednesday, April 10th, 4:30pm- Veronica Dillon- BM Sr.- Piano

Wednesday, April 10th, 7:30pm- Tigran Kervanbachian- BM Sr.- Media Composition

Thursday, April 11h, 4:30pm- Richard Francisco- BM Sr.- Trumpet

Thursday, April 11th, 7:30pm- Kailin Chen- MM- Voice

Saturday, April 13th, 2:30pm- Ivan Lopez- BA Sr.- Trumpet

Saturday, April 13th, 4:30pm- Timothy Lewis- BM Sr.- Piano

Saturday, April 13th, 7:30pm- Christiane Moon- MM- Piano

Saturday, April 13th, 7:30pm- Omar A. Del Real- BM Sr.- Composition- Nordhoff Hall 107

Sunday, April 14th, 10:30am- Randel Carrero- BM Jr.- Guitar

Sunday, April 14th, 12:30pm- Benz Marston- BM Jr.- Cello

Sunday, April 14th, 2:30pm- Andrew Krezinger- BM Jr.- Violin

Sunday, April 14th, 4:30pm- Meleeah Abkarian- MM- Voice

Sunday, April 14th, 7:30pm- Qian Wen Cen- MM- Voice

Tuesday, April 16th, 4:30pm- Alice Park- BM Sr.- Flute

Tuesday, April 16th, 7:30pm- Cesar Hernandez- BM Sr.- Jazz Trumpet

Thursday, April 18th, 4:30pm- Cheyenne Lee- BM Sr.- Violin

Thursday, April 18th, 7:30pm- Jinghong Gu- MM- Voice

Friday, April 19th, 4:30pm- Alexander Hamilton- BM Sr.- Percussion

Friday, April 19th, 7:30pm- Lin Zhu- MM- Piano

Saturday, April 20th, 10:30am- Juan Carlos Aparicio- BM Jr.- Tuba

Saturday, April 20th, 12:30pm- Patrick Dos Santos- BM Jr.- Guitar

Saturday, April 20th, 2:30pm- Travis Villegas- BA Sr.- Saxophone

Saturday, April 20th, 4:30pm- Wendi Zeng- MM- Cello

Saturday, April 20th, 4:30pm- Michelle Cho- BM Sr.- Clarinet- Nordhoff Hall 107

Saturday, April 20th, 7:30pm- James McGovern- BM Sr.- Jazz Trombone

Saturday, April 20th, 7:30pm- Demetrio Escobar- BM Sr.- Clarinet

Sunday, April 21st, 12:30pm- Madison Rose- BM Jr.- Voice

Sunday, April 21st, 2:30pm- Joshua Salgado- BM Jr.- Guitar

Sunday, April 21st, 4:30pm- Chika Nobumori- MM- Piano

Sunday, April 21st, 7:30pm- Alonso Figueroa- MM- Percussion

Tuesday, April 23rd, 4:30pm- Rachel Kye- BM Sr.- Voice

Tuesday, April 23rd, 7:30pm- Sean Rzewnicki- BM Sr.- Jazz Bass

Wednesday, April 24th, 7:30pm- Hyunjung Park- BM Sr.- Jazz Piano

Thursday, April 25th, 4:30pm- Daniel Teodoro- BM Sr.- Media Composition

Saturday, April 27th, 10:30am- Michael Franco- BM Jr.- Guitar

Saturday, April 27th, 12:30pm- Marta Hovhannisyan- BM Jr.- Voice

Saturday, April 27th, 2:30pm- Clare Hatter- BM Jr.- Violin

Saturday, April 27th, 4:30pm- Alonso Rodriguez- BM Sr.- Composition

Saturday, April 27th, 7:30pm- Jonathan Montez- BM Sr.- Composition

Monday, April 29th, 4:30pm- Natalie Saralou- BM Sr.- Trombone

Monday, April 29th, 7:30pm- Miguel Ivan Velazquez- MM- Guitar


Saturday, May 4th, 10:30am- Jason Reith- BM Jr.- Voice

Saturday, May 4th, 12:30pm- Larry Shaun Fairfield- BM Jr.- Guitar

Saturday, May 4th, 2:30pm- Victor Hernandez- BM Jr.- Piano

Saturday, May 4th, 4:30pm- Yifan Zhu- MM- Voice

Saturday, May 4th, 7:30pm- Nasim Moattar- MM- Piano

Sunday, May 5th, 10:30am- Joey Piellucci- BM Jr.- Guitar

Sunday, May 5th, 12:30pm- Jonathan Strand- BM Jr.- Piano

Sunday, May 5th, 2:30pm- Mariam Tonakanyan- BM Jr.- Voice

Sunday, May 5th, 7:30pm- Hao Hsuan Yen- BM Sr.- Cello- Nordhoff Hall 107

Monday, May 6th, 4:30pm- Jonathan Green- MM- Piano

Tuesday, May 7th, 4:30pm- Kevin Thomas- BM Sr.- Piano

Wednesday, May 8th, 4:30pm- Brenton Contreras- BM Sr.- Guitar

Friday, May 10th, 4:30pm- Ming Luo- MM- Piano

Friday, May 10th, 7:30pm- Fernando Ruiz- MM- Voice

Saturday, May 11th, 7:30pm- Oliver Gagnier- BM Sr.- Percussion