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  • pianist, clarinetist, and violinist
  • violin section of orchestra
  • wind orchestra
  • Jazz Band on stage

Student Recitals

*ALL Student Recitals listed are located in Cypress Recital Hall.

Please note that Student Recitals are subject to change.

To confirm if a Student Recital will still take place, please call CSUN Music Department at (818)-677-3181*


Saturday, March 5th 12:30 PM-Alec Van Wagner, Tuba-Senior Recital

Saturday, March 12th 10:30 AM-Issac Elguea, Percussion-Senior Recital

Saturday, March 12th 4:30 PM-Martin Avila, Tuba-Senior Recital

Saturday, March 12th 7:30 PM-Cameron Hartich, Oboe-Senior Recital

Sunday March 13th 10:30 AM-Adrian Hawthorne, Trombone-Senior Recital

Sunday, March 13th 7:30 PM-Jordan Friedman, Trombone-Senior Recital 

Thursday, March 17th 7:30 PM-Matt Latta, Media Comp-Senior Recital 

Saturday, March 19th 4:30 PM-Jose Salgado Partida, Guitar-Senior Recital

Saturday, March 19th 7:30 PM-Steven Griggs, Jazz Saxophone-Senior Recital 

Sunday, March 20th 4:30 PM-Lisa Polack, Collaborative Piano-Graduate Recital

Monday, March 28th 4:30 PM-Jermaine Paul, Jazz String Bass-Senior Recital 

Monday, March 28th 7:30 PM-Nshan Mkrtchyan, Guitar-Graduate Recital

Tuesday, March 29th 4:30 PM-Brady Young, Jazz String Bass-Senior Recital

Tuesday, March 29th 7:30 PM-Aeron Prices, Jazz Percussion-Senior Recital 

Wednesday, March 30th 4:30 PM-Dongmin Byeon, Voice-Graduate Recital


Friday, April 1st 4:30 PM-Keith Pepper, French Horn-Graduate Recital 

Friday, April 1st 7:30 PM-Melissa Ooi, Piano-Senior Recital 

Saturday, April 2nd 4:30 PM-Adolfo Jimenez, Euphonium-Senior Recital

Saturday, April 2nd 7:30 PM-Jonathan Rodriguez, Flute-Senior Recital

Friday, April 15th 4:30 PM-Emily Gregg, Saxophone-Senior Recital

Friday, April 15th 7:30 PM-Reynaldo Martinez, Media Composition-Senior Recital 

Saturday, April 16th 10:30 AM-Alexander Hofhine, Clarinet-Senior Recital

Saturday, April 16th 12:30 PM-Victor Castaneda, Trumpet-Senior Recital

Saturday, April 16th 2:30 PM-Jonathan Engstrom, Voice-Senior Recital

Saturday, April 16th 4:30 PM-Ethan Orlanes, String Bass-Senior Recital 

Saturday, April 16th 7:30 PM-Carlos Gonzalez, Trumpet-Senior Recital 

Sunday, April 17th 10:30 AM-Janet Shaw, Oboe-Senior Recital

Sunday, April 17th 7:30 PM-Cassidy Tombs, Voice-Senior Recital 

Tuesday, April 19th 4:30 PM-Brandon Douglas, Trumpet-Senior Recital

Tuesday, April 19th 7:30 PM-Ryan Buchanan, Jazz Trumpet-Senior Recital 

Wednesday, April 20th 4:30 PM-Taylor Blake, Jazz Saxophone-Senior Recital 

Friday, April 22nd 4:30 PM- Ruisi Gong, Violin

Friday, April 22nd 7:30 PM-Calvin Chiang, Jazz Guitar-Senior Recital

Saturday, April 23rd 10:30 AM-Briana Martinez, Voice-Senior Recital

Saturday, April 23rd 12:30 PM-Horacio Flores, Trumpet-Senior Recital

Saturday, April 23rd 4:30 PM-Xiaoqin Zhao, Voice-Senior Recital 

Saturday, April 23rd 7:30 PM-Roman Hernandez, Saxophone-Senior Recital 

Sunday, April 24th 10:30 AM-Larry Coronel, Bassoon-Senior Recital

Sunday, April 24th 7:30 PM-Abiah Padua, Oboe-Senior Recital 

Tuesday, April 26th 4:30 PM-Julian Littlehale, Jazz Drums-Senior Recital

Tuesday, April 26th 7:30 PM-Kosta Kutay, Jazz Saxophone-Senior Recital 

Wednesday, April 27th 4:30 PM-Ian Foster, Voice-Senior Recital 

Wednesday, April 27th 7:30 PM-Jonathan Osterloh, Jazz Trombone-Senior Recital 

Thursday, April 28th 4:30 PM-Katie Hampton, Voice-Graduate Recital

Friday, April 29th 4:30 PM-Gil Yousem, Voice-Senior Recital

Friday, April 29th 7:30 PM-Gianella Solorio, Saxophone-Senior Recital

Saturday, April 30th 10:30 AM-Emilio Pozo, Flute-Senior Recital

Saturday, April 30th 12:30 PM-Emily Martin, Voice-Senior Recital

Saturday, April 30th 4:30 PM-Amanda Ballinger, Voice-Senior Recita


Sunday, May 1st 10:30 AM-​Carmen Ontiveros, Trumpet-Senior Recital

Sunday, May 1st 12:30 PM-Taraneh Pourmoradian, Trumpet-Senior Recital

Sunday, May 1st 4:30 PM-Brandon Villon, French Horn-Senior Recital

Sunday, May 1st 7:30 PM-Kellen Romano, Media Composition-Senior Recital

Monday, May 2nd 4:30 PM-Abtin Farrokh, Violin-Senior Recital

Monday, May 2nd 7:30 PM-Erika Salas, Violin-Graduate Recital 

Tuesday, May 3rd 4:30 PM-Joe Ceflau, Media Composition-Senior Recital

Tuesday, May 3rd 7:30 PM-Alex Zuniga, Jazz Drums-Senior Recital 

Wednesday, May 4th 4:30 PM-Jingwen Yuan, Piano-Graduate Recital

Wednesday, May 4th 7:30 PM-Jonathan Fong, Media Comp-Senior Recital

Thursday, May 5th 4:30 PM-Tara Chase, Bassoon-Senior Recital

Thursday, May 5th 7:30 PM-Kathryn Pratt, Voice-Senior Recital

Friday, May 6th 4:30 PM-Ying Wang, Collaborative Piano-Graduate Recital

Saturday, May 7th 10:30 AM-Jose Ochoa, Trumpet-Senior Recital

Saturday, May 7th 12:30 PM-Melody Gonzalez, Voice-Senior Recital

Saturday, May 7th 4:30 PM-Hanbyeol Park, Collaborative Piano-Graduate Recital 

Sunday, May 8th 10:30 AM-Ashly Gutierrez, Trumpet-Senior Recital

Sunday, May 8th 7:30 PM-Pedram Pourghazi, Violin-Graduate Recital

Monday, May 9th 4:30 PM-Liana Rodriguez, Voice-Senior Recital

Monday, May 9th 7:30 PM-Ethan Blackburn, Composition-Senior Recital

Tuesday, May 10th 4:30 PM-Sahand Zare, Violin-Senior Recital

Tuesday, May 10th 7:30 PM-Margaret Evans, Media Composition-Senior Recital 

Wednesday, May 11th 4:30 PM-Edwin Mamo, Piano-Senior Recital  

Thursday, May 12th 4:30 PM-Daniel Zarate, Guitar-Senior Recital

Thursday, May 12th 7:30 PM-Simiao Xiao, Viola-Graduate Recital

Friday, May 13th 4:30 PM-Sarah Seltzer, Violin-Senior Recital

Friday, May 13th 7:30 PM-Holly Palmer, Voice-Graduate Recital

Tuesday, May 17th 7:00pm-Reed Galloway, Media Composition-Senior Recital via Twitch