• Production still from SERSE
  • french horns
  • choir and orchestra
  • pianist, clarinetist, and violinist
  • violin section of orchestra
  • wind orchestra
  • Jazz Band on stage

Music Industry Administration Student takes Second Place at CSUN’s Bull Ring Competition

May 22, 2019

Congratulations to Maja Slopiecka, Music Industry Administration Cohort 7 student from Poland, and her team member, Ada Slopiecka, on winning second place in the CSUN Bullring Competition, sponsored by the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics.

Ms. Slopiecka’s product, Horizon Covers, also won the CSUN Fast Pitch Competition last year. Horizon Covers provides tough, reusable luggage covers that keep luggage safe from scratches, dirt, and water during travel. An embedded RFID chip allows real-time luggage tracking and the cover can be customized.

Ms. Slopiecka replied, “We are extremely grateful that Horizon Covers won 2nd place in 2019 CSUN Bull Ring Competition. Participating in the CSUN Bull Ring was a life-changing experience. I recommend it to everyone who has a business idea. You will not regret it. Experience, skills, and connections that you gain during the Competition are invaluable.

I truly believe that passion, perseverance, and hard work pay off. We have been working hard for months to prepare for the competition, and our work paid off. We received not only $10,000 cash but also $10,000 in-kind service, which will help us to grow the business. Presenting in front of influential businessmen and investors during the final (Shark Tank) was an incredible experience. Another great benefit of being a semi-finalist of the competition is access to mentors. CSUN Bull Ring will connect you with incredible and successful mentors who are willing to help you.

A massive thank you to everyone who helped and supported Horizon Covers. Special thanks go to Ryan Holbrook (organizer), Jeff Marine (sponsor), in kind-service firms, Jon Georgio and other mentors. The competition would not have been possible without their support.”

The Entrepreneurship Program at the Nazarian College complements our students’ inherent energy and creativity with the skills and knowledge necessary to evaluate the feasibility of an idea and ultimately pitch, launch, and grow a new venture. Whether planning to create a business or bringing the entrepreneurial mindset to a larger organization, the program prepares students to confidently present to an audience while developing a strong action-bias and a willingness to experiment. To learn more about CSUN’s Bull Ring Competition, visit their website at