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Welcome to the CSUN Music Department!!!

While many of our classes will online for Fall of 2020, we are busy working on the possibility of some on-campus instruction.

We want you to know that the faculty are thrilled to be working with you this fall no matter what the format of instruction and there are many creative projects being planned!

The international health situation evolves daily. We will e-mail you important CSUN Music updates as information becomes available.



Please continue to check e-mail daily for information on Musicianship/Theory Placement Tests and Keyboard Class information.

Undergraduate Keyboard Placement Test
This will be done by questionaire this year. Students will be sent a link to a very short questionaire within a month of the student's acceptance to CSUN. This must be filled out by all incoming students including transfers. If you have not received the questionaire by July 1, please let us know! 

Undergraduate Musicianship/Theory Test
This test will be administered online at some point between June 1 and July 1. Students will be contacted with additional information once we are ready to proceed with online testing.


Graduate Music History Placement Test (Fall 2020 ONLY!)

Given that music history courses will be online in Fall 2020, the department has decided to alter the format of the music history placement exam this semester. The test will take approximately 15 minutes and will consist of five music excerpts. Three will be from the Common Practice Period (Approximately 1600-1900), where one will be from the pre CPP Medieval/Renaissance Period and one will be from the post CPP (20th/21st century). Each excerpt will be approximately thirty seconds to one minute and will represent a variety of genres and styles. The student will be asked to describe each piece musically (may include its form, harmony, melody, rhythm, and other salient features) and to provide historical context. These excerpts will be well-known repertory pieces chosen from the Norton Anthology of Western Music (8th edition). The interview tests will be scheduled online sometime between August 19-21. 

Graduate Music Theory Placement Test (Fall 2020 ONLY!)

This test will be administered online on Monday, August 17th. Our current plan is to send the test by e-mail at 10 a.m. that morning. Students will have a limited amount of time to complete the test and turn it in. 

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The CSUN Campus has transitioned to virtual instruction and social distancing with the majority of employees working remotely. However, we are still here to support you! Please see the information below to reach the Department of Music. 

Department of Music

(818) 677-3181

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Pattern line music
Pattern line music

Department Vision

The California State University Northridge Music Department is committed to:

  • providing nationally recognized training in music leading to a wide variety of professional careers and entrepreneurship in performance, composition, teaching, therapy, and business
  • inspiring the highest level of creative activity and scholarship in advancing an understanding of the musical arts and their importance in every society.
  • promoting the development of strong ethical behavior based on honesty, respect for all people and cultures, service to local community and strong advocacy for the arts.