• Production still from SERSE
  • french horns
  • choir and orchestra
  • pianist, clarinetist, and violinist
  • violin section of orchestra
  • wind orchestra
  • Jazz Band on stage

Hire a CSUN Musician

You can hire musicians from one of the state's top music programs to play at your event. With "Hire a CSUN Musician", outstanding classical and jazz music can be a feature of your special event, party, wedding, or an intimate dinner for two. We have a long list of very satisfied clients, and you can be our next.

If you've been wanting to find a music teacher for your child, or if you wanted to improve your own skills, we can also find the student that will help you with this.

Please read the information below to get started, or call us at 818-677-3184. If you are ready to request musicians immediately, please use our online request form to get the process underway. 

How do I request a musician?

Please fill out our online request form

When we receive your request, we will put you in touch with an approved student or student representtive of a group. This way the details of the engagement can be arranged directly with the CSUN musician.

What types of musicians or groups can I hire?

We have a wide array of instrumentalists for performance engagements or teaching. All the major instruments in classical, jazz, and popuar styles can be found amongst our student body. For teaching, we will do our best to find you the appropriate pairing.

For performance engagements, there are numerous soloists and groups avaialble for hire in the classical and jazz genres. These include string quartets, solo guitar, jazz trios and quartets, vocalist solo, vocalist with paino, jazz combos, instruments (vioiln, cello, clarinet, etc) with piano, and piano solo.

How much can I expect to pay?

The Music Department does not set fees for this service. Rates depend on the number of performers, length of performance and geographical location.  We will be happy to discuss your event and make recommendations about appropriate groups. 

These are the standard rates that are expected to be paid to students for performance services. All services are set at a 1-hour minimum

Background Music
$100 per musician for one-hour engagements.
$90 per musician per hour for engagements 1.5 hours or longer.

Concert Performances
$125 per musician per hour

Wedding Ceremony/Reception
$100 per musician for one-hour engagements.
$90 per musician per hour for engagements 1.5 hours or longer.

Travel fees and a two-hour minimum may apply for jobs outside of Los Angeles

Is the rate lower for larger ensembles?

Groups of 3 or more may be available for lower per person rates. Please negotiate the fee with the student representative of the group.

Students are expected to negotiate the appropriate compensation based upon the type of engagement.