• Production still from SERSE
  • french horns
  • choir and orchestra
  • pianist, clarinetist, and violinist
  • violin section of orchestra
  • wind orchestra
  • Jazz Band on stage

CSUN Music Audition Application

Fall 2018 Audition Application Process

Before you begin your audition application, please make sure you follow the steps below:
 Step 1: Apply to the University
Go to Cal State Apply. Information on how to apply is available at  Applications are open October 1-November 30, 2017.
Click on your status (freshman, transfer, graduate, 2nd bach, etc) left column and follow all instructions.
IMPORTANT: All students MUST be accepted to BOTH the University and the Department of Music before they will be permitted to register for classes. Music applicants who do NOT meet University admissions requirements and/or audition entrance requirements will NOT be eligible for enrollment at California State University, Northridge. Please go to for CSUN's admission calendar which includes application dates and deadlines.
 Step 2: Review audition requirements and major options available
Review the "Academic Programs" and "Audition and Placement" links above before signing up to make sure you have the right requirements, dates, deadlines and that you have selected the major option that best fits your academic and career interests. 
BM - Jazz applicants MUST go through a pre-screening process. Please go to for your submission. 
 Step 3: Have your information Ready. 
Have all contact information, previous school information and scholarship essay (a brief essay describing reasons for applying, financial need, accomplishments, etc., if you are asking for scholarship consideration). 
 Call our office if you have any questions on the above.
 CSUN Music Department
818-677-3181 (M-F 8am-5pm) CY 116
FALL 2018 AUDITION DATES: February 3, February 23 (for winds, brass & piano only), & February 24, 2018

If you still need to audition, please call our office at 818-677-3181 for more information.