• Production still from SERSE
  • french horns
  • choir and orchestra
  • pianist, clarinetist, and violinist
  • violin section of orchestra
  • wind orchestra
  • Jazz Band on stage

Breadth Studies

Breadth Studies is a flexible program that allows students to combine studies in music with other fields of interest.  Students must have a clear career objective that is not met by one of the other music options. Students must audition and meet the same performance requirements as other BA programs.
Breadth Studies students take the same core classes as other music majors. Upper division courses are decided in conjunction with the Breadth Studies coordinator. Breadth Studies senior projects typically involve a research paper in conjunction with a practical application of material learned in class and via research. A senior recital is not typically allowed. 

Please contact the Area Coordinator before auditioning in the option to determine if appropriate.

Breadth Studies Coordinator Coordinator: Ric Alviso