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Oscar Meza

Oscar Meza
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Bassist Oscar Meza Jr., who performed regularly with the Los Angeles Philharmonic as a substitute musician beginning in 1990, won the audition for the post of assistant principal bass in March 1993.

Born in Southern California, Mr. Meza began playing the bass at the age of nine under the tutelage of his father, who has been his principal teacher. The young bassist also studied with Nat Gangursky and Arni Egilsson. Mr. Meza graduated from Sylmar High School and attended California State University, Northridge as a music performance major.

He participated in the Congress of Strings at the University of Washington in Seattle in 1975 and 1976, and began his professional career in 1976 as a member of the San Diego Symphony. He resigned his post five years later to join a rock and roll band with his brother.

Mr. Meza returned to the San Diego Symphony in 1983, becoming associate principal bass in 1985, acting principal bass in 1987, and principal in 1989. During those years, he also served as principal in the San Diego Opera and San Diego Chamber Orchestras. Oscar Meza resides in Lakeview Terrace with his wife Diane and their six-year-old son Michael Christopher and their four-year-old daughter Erica Michelle.