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Michael Mull

Michael Mull
Jazz Saxophone
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Saxophonist, woodwind multi-instrumentalist, composer, and educator Michael Mull is an emerging voice from the deep underground of Los Angeles' creative music scene. His music covers a broad spectrum of styles and sounds stemming from jazz and rock, and informed by traditional music from Eastern Europe, India, West Africa and Latin America. Michael currently performs and composes music for the Michael Mull Octet and Wax People, and is a member of the electrifying "peasant funk" band Orkestar Meze as well as various side projects. Click here to listen to a track from the Michael Mull Octet album Source Code.

As an educator, Michael teaches jazz arranging, small jazz ensembles, and private lessons in the renowned California State University Northridge Jazz Studies program. He also teaches one-on-one lessons to students of all ages and levels of musical development. Michael's educational approach could be described as personal and positive, stemming from a philosophy that every student is an individual with distinct ways of assimilating information and skills, and should be guided accordingly for the most progress. Holding an MFA Degree in Music from the notorious California Institute of the Arts, Michael received his undergraduate training at Cuesta College and CSU Northridge, and has studied under such great improvisers, composers, and educators as James Miley, George Stone, Matt Harris, Charlie Haden, Liviu Marinescu, Larry Koonse, Joe LaBarbera, Wadada Leo Smith, Gary Pratt, and Rob Lockart.

Michael's compositions can be heard on multiple recordings, including his Trio debut Formation, and his second release as a leader, Source Code by the Michael Mull Octet.