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Mike Curb College of Arts Media & Communication Process for Tracking & Disposing of Sensitive Computer-Related Equipment 

Effective Date: 09/15/2015


The Mike Curb College of Arts, Media & Communication Tracking & Disposing of Sensitive Computer-Related Equipment process provides direction for tracking, managing and properly disposing of said sensitive computer and related equipment that falls in line with CSUN’s policies of safeguarding assets. 


Each Department in the MCCAMC must properly record the acquisition and distribution, peregrinations, and disposal of all sensitive computer-related equipment through a college wide, standard inventory system that will hereby be referred to as the College Inventory (currently a software application entitled “Asset Panda”).

When computer and related equipment is requested and/or required it will be obtained through the appropriate channels for campus P-Card or Purchase Order acquisition after being reviewed by the lead college tech, and once received [by the requestor/department] it will be processed via the following: 

  • Appointed department technical staff will apply a college barcode (tag) to all equipment over $500. All equipment below $500 may be tagged if deemed appropriate by department, for tracking purposes.
  • Appointed department technical staff will record appropriate information in the College Inventory (e.g. serial number, inventory barcode, PO#, replacement date, assigned/responsible user, etc.) from the newly barcoded item.
  • Once equipment has been fully recorded into the College Inventory it will be distributed to the appropriate user, though in cases of laptops or other devices that may be removed from campus a Home User Permit (HUP) will be required, and a S.T.O.P plate will need to be attached prior to distribution.
  • Intermittent inventory checks may be required or performed to verify the location(s) of computer equipment – these checks will typically be performed by appointed department or college technical staff.
  • Any and all changes to equipment user and/or location changes need to be updated in the College Inventory.
  • When a machine has exhausted its lifecycle, it will be processed for survey by campus Asset Management, and it will be retired in the College Inventory by being placed into a temporary inventory space noting its status of “survey”.
  • Prior to physical delivery of the retiring asset to campus Asset Management, any and all data will be removed from the device either physically for destruction or by a 7-pass, zero-out format (for hard drives) by appointed department or college technical staff. 

Proper observation of this policy will protect the College and the University from lost property or compromise of data. Please refer to CSU Policy 8065.00, 8065.S001, and 8065.S002 for additional information regarding data security located here:, or under Section 8000 here: