José Luis Benavides

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MZ 331


B.A. 1985, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México  
M.A. 1989, University of Texas at Austin
PhD. 1997, University of Texas at Austin

José Luis Benavides is co-director of the Institute for Arts and Media and professor of the Department of Journalism at California State University, Northridge, where he created and developed the first interdisciplinary minor in Spanish-language journalism in the U.S. He established the Spanish-language student newspaper El Nuevo Sol, which he transformed in 2007 into a multimedia blog covering topics relevant to Latino communities, including border and immigration issues. Benavides was chair of the Department of Journalism for a three-year term, from 2009–2012. He earned an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Communications at the University of Texas at Austin, where he served as the teaching assistant for the award-winning student publication Tejas for six years. Benavides co-authored two editions of Escribir en prensa, a journalism textbook published in Spain and distributed throughout the Spanish-speaking world. 

JOUR 480 Fall 2015

JOUR 498 Fall 2015

MCOM 620 Fall 2015