Elizabeth Blakey

Assistant Professor
(818) 677-3144
Office location:
MZ 327; Office Hours: Monday 12-4 pm & by appointment.


B.A., University of Notre Dame
J.D., Loyola Law School Los Angeles
M.A., University of Notre Dame 
P.h.D., University of Notre Dame
Dr. Blakey holds a Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Notre Dame and a J.D. (law degree) from Loyola Law School Los Angeles. She is an active member of the California Bar. She practiced intellectual property and media law in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles for the law firms Blakely, Sokoloff, Taylor and Zafman; Cooper Epstein and Hurewitz (now Isaacman, Kaufman and Painter) and Hecker and Harriman (now Hecker Law Group). While working for these boutique law firms, Blakey represented such clients as Apple Computer, Pixar Animation Studios, Jackie Joyner Kersee, Ray Liotta, Rodeo Drive Association, Flynt Publications, CAA and Netscape. More recently, she has worked as a pro bono attorney representing Occupy Fresno -- successfully obtaining one of the few First Amendment injunctions entered against the government for an Occupy protest group. Her journalism experience includes two years as a website editor for the E-Commerce Times , where she covered business and technology news; and work as a staff writer and freelance writer for the traditional newspaper the South Bend Tribune. Her research focuses on the First Amendment, civil liberties, copyrights, communications technology and the mediated public sphere. Her scholarship has been published in Law and Social Inquiry (American Bar Foundation), Mobilizing Ideas, Cinematic Sociology and the Loyola Entertainment Law Review. Came to CSUN in 2012.

Fall 2016

J390 Freedom of the Press

J400 Mass Communications Law and Ethics

J498 Senior Tutorial: The First Amendment

MC630 Seminar in Analysis of Media Performance