Information Literacy Rubric

CategoryEmerging 1Developing 2Proficient 3Exemplary 4
Search StrategySearch strategy does not employ keywords and lacks methods to results, which are applied incorrectly.

Search strategy employs some irrelevant keywords and limited methods to achieve results, which are not applied.

Search strategy employs focused, keywords and methods to achieve relevant results, which are applied.“on target” keywords and precise or advanced methods to achieve highly relevant, accurate, and/or expert results, which are applied effectively.
Plagiarism CompetencyStudent demonstrates no understanding of plagiarism by failing to cite or quote sources.Student demonstrates limited understanding of plagiarism by citing or quoting few sources where appropriate.Student demonstrates basic understanding of plagiarism by citing and quoting some sources where appropriate.Student demonstrates a clear understanding of plagiarism by nearly flawlessly and effectively citing and quoting all sources where appropriate
Accurate ResponseResponse is either inaccurate or incomplete and lacks supporting information.Response accurately lists advantages and disadvantages without adequate explanation.Response accurately explains advantages and disadvantageResponse consistently and accurately explains advantages and disadvantages supported by facts and examples.