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Faculty & Research

Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (RSCA)

MCCAMC RSCA Awards for 2022-2023 AY

MCCAMC Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Awards for 2022-2023:

  • David Blumentrantz (Jounalism) - Participatory Photography Project to Empower Girls Experiencing Urban Poverty in Kibera, Kenya
  • Daniela Gerson (Journalism) - Travel and research for Zamosc, a migration memoir
  • Candice Greathouse (Art) - Portraits of Imelda Marcos, A Documentary Project
  • Julia Heinen (Music) - "Fantasy Voices in White I" - Solo Recitals of Divergent Composers using Fantasy at the 2022 European Clarinet Festival
  • John Kephart (Communication Studies) - Violence Agains Women and the Limits of Acceptable Protection: Public Arguments Over Reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act
  • J'aime Morrison (Theatre) - Bodies of Water - an Experimental Documentary Film
  • Kristin Taylor (Art) - CSUN/CSULB Art Education ColLab: A Mentoring Community of Practice for Beginning Visual Arts Teachers
  • Melissa Wall (Journalism) - Misinformation, disinformation, and conspiracy theories: Rethinking journalism as social practice art to reach audiences
  • Meiqin Wang (Art) - Two Cases of Eco-Public Art in Taiwan

MCCAMC RSCA Awards for Spring 2021

MCCAMC Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Awards for Spring 2021:

  • Elizabeth Leister (CTVA)—Beatrice
  • Alexandra Monchick (Music)—Reviving Non-Canonical Opera after #MeToo

MCCAMC RSCA Awards for 2019-2020 AY

MCCAMC Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Awards for 2019-2020:

  • David Blumenkrantz (Journalism)—Homeless Initiative Phase III
  • Patsy Cox (Art)—Japanese Ceramics In Context
  • Aimee Carillo Rowe (Communication Studies)—A Long Walk Home: Decolonizing the #MeToo Movement
  • Melissa Wall (Journalism)—Social Inclusion and the Information Practices of Syrian Armenian Refugees
  • Samantha Fields (Art)—Solo Painting Exhibition at E.C. Liná
  • Stephanie Bluestein (Journalism)—Book Project: The Newspaper Career of Agness Underwood (1902-1984)
  • Yue Zheng (Journalism)—Can Artificial Intelligence Change Journalism Research?

Additional travel funding:

  • Lynette Henderson (Art)—Presentation of “Teaching from the Left: Visual Literacy and Social Transformation in the 21st Century” at the Fourteenth International Conference on the Arts in Society
  • Julia Heinen (Music)—“Oceans and Earthquakes: Forever Sounds” — Solo Recitals of California Composers at ClarinetFest and the European Clarinet Festival

Awards from the University’s RSCA competition:

  • Paula DiMarco (Art)—Emergency Preparedness Guide App for the Los Angeles Fire Department
  • Owen Doonan (Art)—Creating an interactive VR historical interface with the city of Sinop, Turkey
  • Monica Gallegos (Communication Studies)—Examining the Impact of a Faith-based Parenting Program in a Women’s Prison: Implications for Relationships and Health
  • Liviu Marinescu (Music)—Guiseppe Guarneri Reinvented: A Sonata for Violin and Electronics

MCCAMC RSCA Awards for 2018-2019 AY

Reassigned Time

  • Bernardo Attias (COMS): Revisiting Morse v. Frederick: Student Speech Rights in a Rhetorical Frame
  • Melissa Brough (COMS): Ethical Design for Whom? Amplifying Underrepresented Youth Voice for Equitable Digital Technology Design.
  • Patsy Cox (ART): Dunhuang Residency Dissemination.
  • Jinah Kim (COMS): Nuclear Entanglements: The Military Imaginaries of US-Korea in the 21st Century.
  • Jessica Retis (JOUR): Immigration and Mobility in the Digital Age: Asian Latinos in the remapping of the Transpacific area.
  • Melissa Wall (JOUR): Precarious Connections: Syrian Refugees Navigate Displacement.
  • Meiqin Wang (ART): Voice from Below: Socially Engaged Art in Contemporary China.

Travel Support Awards

  • David Blumenkrantz (JOUR): Intangible Cultural Heritage Documentary, China.
  • Julia Heinen (MUS): “On That Note”—Solo Recitals of American and American-inspired works at ClarinetFest and the European Clarinet Festival.
  • A.J. McCaffrey (MUS): Visiting Artist Residency at Scola de Música Superior de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain (new work for Ensemble FUNKTION).

MCCAMC RSCA Awards for Spring 2018

Release Time Awards

  • Bernardo Attias (Communication Studies) – Rhetoric, Work, and the “Traffic in Women”
  • Marcella DeVeaux (Journalism) – The Great Migration: Digital Documentary Storytelling
  • Alexandra Monchick (Music) – Second Dance: Second Chance: Musical Prolongations and Broken Narrative in Adaptations of The Great Gatsby
  • J’aime Morrison (Theatre) – Mourning Surf: Dancing on Waves of Grief
  • Michelle Rozic (Art) – Cast Dimensional Prints

Travel Support Awards

  • Larry Biederman (Theatre) – The Sisyphus Project
  • Hillary Miller (Theatre) – Playwright Interviews for Playwrights in TV: Stages Transformed
  • Meiqin Wang (Art) – Voice from Below: Socially Engaged Art in Contemporary China


MCCAMC RSCA Awards for Fall 2017

Release Time Awards

  • A.J. McCaffrey—Completion of commission for the Argus String Quartet
  • David Blumenkrantz—“One of Us: Documenting and Advocating on Behalf of the Homeless Population of Los Angeles”
  • Jose Luis Benavides—“Border Voices”
  • Melissa Brough—“Low Income Parents’ Strategies to Promote Digital Learning”
  • Aimee Carillo Rowe—“Settler Colonialism and Cultural Studies”
  • Jinah Kim—“Unruly Dead Across the TransPacific” (funded by the CSUN RSCA Competition)
  • Liviu Marinescu—Conventions and Disruptions: A Study of Parallels and Intersections between Music and Politics in the 2016 Presidential Election Campaign (funded by the CSUN RSCA Competition)
  • Mario Ontiveros—“The Great Wall of Los Angeles: Judith F. Baca’s Experiments in Collaboration and Concrete”
  • Melissa Wall—“Journalism in Digital Spaces”

Travel Support Awards

  • David Grewe—“The Club Nobody Wants to Belong To”
  • Julia Heinen—“Promoting the Art of the Clarinet Worldwide”
  • Andrew Surmani—“Inclusion of Music Industry Studies in the K-12 Music Curriculum”

MCCAMC RSCA Awards for Spring 2017

Release Time Awards

  • Stephanie Bluestein (Journalism) – Journal article on Agness (Aggie) Underwood
  • Patsy Cox (Art) – 74th Scripps Ceramic Annual Curating Project
  • Samantha Fields (Art) – Solo Exhibition at the Museum of Art and History, Lancaster
  • Dave Keating (Communication Studies) – Clearing the Air: Developing Persuasive Message Strategies to Promote a Smoke-Free Campus
  • A.J. Kim (Theatre) – World Theatre Handbook: Interweaving World Theatre and Performance Cultures
  • Liviu Marinescu (Music) – Contradictions: A Composition for Violin and Electronics, followed by local and international performances
  • John Whitener (Music) – Mongolian and Chinese Public School Music Education Practices

 Travel Support Awards

  • David Blumenkrantz (Journalism) – Intercultural Communication Research/Photography in China
  • Peri Klemm (Art) – Travel to Ghana to Conduct Exhibition Research and Attend a Conference
  • Jessica Retis (Journalism) – Asian Latino Diasporas in Global Cities

MCCAMC RSCA Awards for Fall 2016

Reassigned Time:
  • Ben Attias (Communication Studies). “Appropriation as Argumentation in Electronic Dance Music Cultures."
  • David Blumenkrantz (Journalism). "Humanizing Homelessness: Portraits and Personal Stories."
  • Amy Carrillo-Rowe (Communication Studies). “Queer Xicana: Performance, Affect, and the Sacred."
  • A.J. McCaffrey (Music). Here Come the Waterworks for viola, piano, and electronics.
  • Ali Monchick (Music). “'Undertones of Overtones’: Paul Hindemith and Proto-Spectralism,” a chapter for the Oxford Handbook of Spectral Music
  • J’aime Morrison (Theatre). “Choreographing in the Curl: Dance, Movement and Evolutions in Surfing Style." 
Travel Support Awards
  • Julia Heinen. “All that Jazz!” A solo recital of American works for the Clarinet at the 6th European Clarinet Festival.
  • Lynette Henderson. Interdisciplinary Collaboration at Moneague College, Jamaica.
  • Melissa Wall. “Syrian Refugees in Canada: The Role of Media in their Integration."

MCCAMC RSCA Awards for Spring 2016

Reassigned Time

  • Melissa Brough, Comm Studies. Youth, Power, and Participation: Forging Participatory Public Culture in the Digital Age
  • Pasty Cox, Art. Urban Rebutia at Long Beach Museum of Art.
  • Jinah Kim, Comm Studies. Postcolonial Grief and the Afterlives of the Pacific Wars in the Americas. 
  • A.J. McCaffrey, Music. Doppelgänger for two pianos.
  • Alexandra Monchik, Music. Designing a Research Methods Course for the Graduate Student in Music Performance.
  • Jessica Retis, Journalism. The Handbook of Diasporas, Media and Culture. 
  • John Whitener, Music. Music Teacher Training and Public School Music Teaching in Mongolia and China. 

Travel Support Awards

  • Marcy DeVeaux, Journalism. Oral Histories of the Great Migration into New England.
  • Julia Heinen, Music. The Black and Silver Screen: Hidden Gems from Hollywood.
  • Liviu Marinescu, Music. International Musicology Symposium and Masterclasses
  • Jeanine Minge, Comm Studies. Implementing the Cultural Archive Project with the Floating Doctors and the Ngabe Tribe in Panama.
  • Melissa Wall, Journalism. Communication Practices and the Syrian Refugee Crisis.

MCCAMC RSCA Awards for Fall 2015

  • Ron Borczon, Music, "Music Therapy: A Fieldwork Primer”
  • Eric Edson, CTVA, “More Story Solutions: 16 Plot Forms for Creating Great Heroes”
  • Gina Giotta, Comm Studies, “Author(iz)ing the Gase: Fashion Blogging, Media Authorship, and the Boyfriend Photographer”
  • Ah-jeong Kim, Theatre,  “A New World Theatre Textbook by Rutledge”
  • Jeanine Minge, Comm Studies, “The Cultural Archive Project: The Ngabe Tribe and the Floating Doctors”
  • J’aime Morrison, Theatre,  “Written in Dust: Translating the Words of John Fante’s Ask the Dust into Dance”
  • Mario Ontiveros, Art,  “Beyond Reflection: Unflinching Criticality and the Transformation of Self-Portraiture”
  • Aimee Carrillo Rowe, Comm Studies, Queer Xicana: Performance, Affect, and the Sacred”
  • Larry Stoffel, Music, “CSUN Wind Ensemble CD’s Projects”
  • Scott Sturgeon, CTVA, “Bushed, a Half-Hour Comedy Pilot for Premium Cable”
  • Steve Thachuck, Music, "Annotated Works Catalogue of Reginald Smith Brindle (section of Book)”
  • Melissa Wall, Journalism, “Citizen and Mobile Journalisms: Reimagining the Field”

MCCAMC RSCA Awards for Spring 2015

  • Patsy Cox, Art, 3D Software for Printing Art
  • Owen Doonan, Art, Publications related to the Sinop (Turkey) Regional archaeological Project
  • Mario Ontiveros, Art, The Great Wall Institute of Los Angeles at CSUN's University Art Gallery
  • Christian Tedeschi, Art, Telegaph-Tin Can Transmissions: 10 years in the making
  • Meiquin Wang, Art, Urbanization and Contemporary Chinese Art
  • Bernardo Attias, Communication Studies, Cultural Hybridity and Commercial Opportunity: The Politics of Location in Electronic Dance Music Culture
  • Jose Luis Benavides, Journalism, "Spanish-Language Newspapers," bibiiographic article for publication in Oxford University's Press's Oxford Bibliographies in Latino Studies
  • Ron Borsczon, Music, Investigation, classification and analyzation of images generated from a specific music program in order to find constants within the images based upon the style and instrumentation of the music
  • Julie Heinen, Music, Something Borrowed, Something New (a broadranging series of performance for piano and clarient)
  • Dmitry Rachmonov, Music, Something Borrowed, Something New (a broadranging series of performance for piano and clarient)
  • LIviu Marinescu,  Music, Bent: A Composition for Piano and Electronics, Followed by an International Concert Tour and Recording
  • Alexandra Monchick, Music, "Achtung, Aufnahme!!! and the Elegy to silent Film"
  • Steve Thachuk, Music, Engraving & Publishing Recently Discovered Guitar Works of Reginald Smith Brundk

CSUN RSCA Awards for 2014-15

  • Patsy Cox
    Art 3D 
    Project Title -- Printing and its potential applications for artists

  • Scott Sturgeon
    Project Title -- Exiled In The Land of the Free: A History of Oren Lyons and the Iroquois

  • Melissa Wall
    Project Title -- The Syrian Refugee Crisis: Mapping Communication Needs