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2014-15 Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Awardees Announced

The Research and Grants Committee has completed its review of proposals submitted in response to the 2014-2015 CSUN Competition for Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity Awards. Out of 86 proposals received from highly qualified faculty members, all deserving of support, the top 54 proposals were funded.

Proposals were evaluated and ranked on the basis of promise for external funding, PI’s track record, and positive impact on student learning and/or mentoring. Equally important and a key factor in this competition was the applicant’s ability to explain the significance of the project to a committee of colleagues outside of his/her discipline, with some preference given to probationary faculty members. The MCCAMC 2014-15 RSCA Awardees are:

  • Patsy Cox
    Project Title -- Printing and its potential applications for artists

  • Scott Sturgeon
    Project Title -- 
    Exiled In The Land of the Free: A History of Oren Lyons and the Iroquois

  • Melissa Wall
    Project Title -- 
    The Syrian Refugee Crisis: Mapping Communication Needs