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Entertainment Industry Institute


Mike Curb College of Arts, Media and Communication
California State University, Northridge

I. Name

The name of this organization is the Entertainment Industry Institute (EII).

II. Purposes and Functions

The purposes of the Entertainment Industry Institute, hereafter referred to as the Institute or EII, are to:

  • promote, coordinate and support campus programs involving the entertainment industry;
  • support the development of innovative and interdisciplinary curricula and degree programs by bringing together expertise and perspectives from interested departments and Colleges;
  • help students to realize their educational goals in preparation for careers in the entertainment industry;
  • solicit, assign and manage internship opportunities;
  • help to establish the Mike Curb College of Arts, Media and Communication as a center for research and creative activity related to the entertainment industry;
  • promote closer ties between the Curb College and the industry by creating and maintaining substantive partnerships, and by helping the industry learn about the College and the excellence of its programs;
  • assist the Curb College in development efforts;
  • advance the artistic, cultural and economic life of the surrounding communities.

Through these activities and the connections forged with the creative and business sides of the entertainment industry, the Institute will help gain distinction and recognition for the Mike Curb College of Arts, Media and Communication.

III. Membership (not applicable)

IV. Organization of the Institute

A. Supervising University Unit

The EII operates under the Mike Curb College of Arts, Media and Communication.

B. Organizational Structure

The EII is housed in the Curb College. It is administered and managed by a Director.

1. Director

The director is appointed for a period of three years by the Dean of the Curb College, in consultation with the Advisory Committee. Additional administrative and management positions may be established if needed, following consultation with the Advisory Committee and with approval of the Dean. The Director is directly responsible to the Dean.

2. Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee consists of the Dean, the Department Chair of the Cinema and Television Arts Department or his/her designee, an alumnus/alumna of the College, and other faculty and representatives from the entertainment industry as selected by the Director in consultation with the Dean. Preferably this Committee would include representatives of film, television and multimedia/ electronic media.

C. Administration

1. Director

The Director is responsible for allocating funds, staffing programs, administrative operations and oversight of EII resources, including equipment, space and facilities. In addition, the duties of the Institute’s Director include:

  • organizing and overseeing the various activities undertaken by the Institute;
  • engaging in public relations activities in conjunction with University Advancement;
  • pursuing development opportunities in conjunction with the Dean and the College’s Development staff;
  • working with faculty, administration and staff in developing EII projects;
  • coordinating EII activities and projects with other cultural and performance venues in the Curb College.

The EII Director will prepare an annual report, as required by University policy, that includes a summary of activities and a financial statement. The report is to be reviewed by the Advisory Committee and approved by the Dean before being forwarded to the Office of the Provost.

2. Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee sets the vision and direction of the EII and makes policy decisions. The Advisory Committee ensures that the programs and operations of the Institute are consistent with the purposes of the Institute (as delineated above) and with the policies and academic programs of the Curb College. The Director reports to the Dean of the Curb College and to the Advisory Committee, of which the Dean is a member.

3. Dean

The Dean of the Mike Curb College is responsible for reviewing and approving all Institute activities and published materials. This review and approval process ensures that such activities and materials contribute to the fulfillment of the CSU and CSUN missions, are consistent with acceptable standards of scholarship/creative activity and with the charter and goals of the College, and otherwise conform to applicable laws, regulations and policies of the University.

V. Finances

A. Sources of Funds

Funding comes through a variety of grants and gifts from the entertainment industry as well as registration fees connected to specific EII-sponsored events.

B. Operations

In consultation with the College Dean, the Director is responsible for all financial operations of the Institute and for maintaining its financial soundness.

C. Management of Resources

Equipment or other physical property will be managed according to the College’s established practices and policies. The use of resources is subject to review and must be approved by the Dean.

VI. Annual Report

A. Proposed Activities

Each year by a date established by the Dean of the College, the Director will submit to the Dean (a) an annual report that conforms to the established format and (b) a business plan for the coming academic year. The Director will meet with the Dean to review all proposed activities, publicity, plans, advisory board changes and budget projections for proposed Institute projects. The Dean reviews additional activities proposed during the academic year, as necessary. The Advisory Committee reviews the annual report prior to submission, as appropriate.

B. Submission of Annual Report

By September 15 of each year, the Director will forward to the Provost or his/her designee a copy of the completed annual report.

C. Contents of Annual Report

The annual report will include a financial statement, an activities statement for the previous year and a summary business plan for the upcoming academic year.

VII. Period of Operation

The Entertainment Industry Institute will operate for a period of five years, from the date of approval to June 30, 2019. The Institute will be dissolved by that date unless this Charter is renewed through application to the Provost. Similarly, all projects and component organizations will be dissolved automatically at the end of the period unless renewed by the Director in consultation with the Advisory Committee and Dean.

Date of Approval: July 22, 2014