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To the campus community from the Mike Curb College ...

The Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communication stands in solidarity with our black faculty, students, and staff, saying unequivocally that Black Lives Matter. The murder of George Floyd is a horrifying tragedy and a violent crime of a kind that has been repeated over and over again stretching back centuries. As a society we must work for real change so that we don’t find ourselves back here again and again. In the college and at CSUN we are called to listen, learn, and take actions to live up to the ideals of diversity and inclusion that are central to our mission, vision, and values. This means taking concrete actions to better support our black students, faculty, and staff and all students, faculty, and staff of color. The disciplines within Arts, Media, and Communication have the power to reveal truths and change minds, and thus we must work tirelessly to include and amplify diverse voices in arts and media and promote representation at all levels in entertainment, cultural, and media institutions. Colleagues within the college and across campus have spoken powerfully, eloquently, and from bitter experience with racialized violence and institutional racism. Let us read their words, hear their voices, learn, and take action. 

Statement to the Campus Community from the Department of Communication Studies 

Statement to the Campus Community from the Department of Theatre red separator line


Hugo Vera, Director of Vocal Arts and Opera

July 31, 2020

Hugo Vera

The Dean of the Mike Curb College, Dan Hosken, and the Chair of Music, John Roscigno, are pleased to announce that Dr. Hugo Vera, will join the faculty in the Music Department in Fall of 2020 as Director of Vocal Arts and Opera. Read more

Meet the New Faculty

July 31, 2020

Jenna Delgado-Lin "Veronica" Sun-Tina Raymond-Hugo Vera

In Fall 2020 the Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communication welcomes four new faculty members. Read more

CSUN Film Professors Raise Concerns about Movies’ ‘White Saviors’

July 22, 2020

THE HELP movie poster

Films like “The Help” — a period piece set during the 1960s Civil Rights Movement that follows a white woman’s relationship with black maids — may leave viewers feeling positive about society’s progress when it comes to race — a feeling that raises concern among critics, including California State University, Northridge film professors Michael Johnson Jr. and Nate Thomas. Read more

Learning Lessons from the Incarceration of Japanese Americans to Improve Lives of Asian Americans Today

June 9, 2020

Quilt display

The California Civil Liberties Public Education Fund, a project of the California State Library, has awarded CSUN’s Civil Discourse and Social Change a $100,000 grant to support a year-long project, “World Remaking: Intergenerational Activism and Transformative Justice,” The project will use lectures, storytelling and performance to build bridges between generations and communities to explore ways to address issues of incarceration, deportation, detention and criminalization for some of the most underrepresented Asian/Pacific Islander groups in Los Angeles, including Pacific Islanders, Muslims, Southeast Asians and Japanese Americans. Read more

2020 Mike Curb College Dean’s Scholar

May 14, 2020

Alicia Gabrielle “Gabbie” Puzon

When Alicia Gabrielle “Gabbie” Puzon arrived at CSUN in 2016 to pursue a bachelor’s degree on an F-1 international student visa, she wasn’t sure what direction her studies would take. Read more

CSUN Opera Everywhere

May 6, 2020

Screen capture from virtual opera

CSUN Opera wasn’t about to let their hard work die on the vine, so the musicians and singers remotely recorded their parts for music director Mercedes Juan Musotto, who painstakingly synched and edited them to debut online. Read more


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