Communication Studies

Workshop with Nick Slie of Mondo Bizarro

Nick Slie co-founder of Mondo Bizarro came to our campus to work exclusively with Performance Ensemble!

Performance Ensemble invited Nick Slie, co-founder of the New Orleans based performance collective Mondo Bizarro, to conduct an intensive performance workshop for Performance Ensemble members on June 10, 2009. This workshop explored the critical mass of energy that permeates the performers presence and its direct relationship to the momentum of social movements.

Mondo Bizarro was very excited to share their ever-evolving approach to performance creation with interested scholars, performers, directors and art makers.  Nick lead two three-hour sessions that included rousing physical training, vocal improvisation, singing and composition exercises. The work also included discussions about the artist’s relationship to his/her community and how consistent training can assist in releasing performers from their clichés and help them confront their physical and mental limitations. All sessions included time for participants to create their own material, in addition to working in an ensemble atmosphere.

MZ 214

Workshop 10-1
Lunch 1-2
Workshop 2-5