Communication Studies


Welcome Sophomores

Students who have completed 56 units and have met the lower division writing requirement will be required to take an essay examination. The UDWPE must be attempted prior to completing 75 units or a registration hold will be placed on your account. 

As a Sophomore, you should be working on completing your lower division major requirements and figuring out what courses you can take that will help you finish a minor without going over 140 units.

Student Code of Conduct

All students are required to understand and meet the university’s standards for student conduct. Please visit the Student Conduct Code for more information.

Tutoring Assistance

The Department of Communication Studies offers free tutoring services to all students enrolled in Communication upper and lower division courses. For more information click this link.

General Education Requirement

Before completing your major requirements, you must complete 60 units of your General Education requirements in order to meet your degree requirements. Access your Degree Progress Report (DPR) to see an outline of your GE requirements.  The requirements also exist in the catalogue.  Click here to access the catalogue.

Stay involved

As a sophomore, you will continue to complete your general education requirements.  You will be contacted by Academic Career Coach to help you find a career path in the major.  Stay  involved in the major to further build connections with your peers and faculty.  Click here to view our co-curricular activities.