Communication Studies

Pavithra Prasad

Pavi Prasad
Ethnographic Methodology, Critical Race Theory, and Postcolonial Studies
Office location:
MZ 220


Pavithra Prasad joins the department of Communication Studies as an Assistant Professor of Intercultural Communication. She holds a Ph.D. in Performance Studies from Northwestern University. Her interdisciplinary research engages ethnographic methodology, critical race theory, and postcolonial studies to focus on the political economy of nightlife and subcultures in contemporary South Asia. Her work on electronic dance music and tourism has appeared in Text and Performance Quarterly, Ecumenica and Critical Arts.

She is currently working on a book manuscript that traces a social history of globalization in India, with attention to club cultures ranging from colonial gymkhanas, post-liberalization nightclubs, to contemporary electronica festivals. Pavi is a performer as well as a scholar – her creative work showcases research driven solo performances that explore queer identity, the postcolonial imagination, and “racial drag.”