Communication Studies

  • Announcement of Peter Marston piano composition performance
  • Book cover for POSTCOLONIAL GRIEF with photo of author Jinah Kim
  • Melissa Brough next to title of magazine article
  • Woman drinking water from a bowl
  • Collage of three pictures of Jade Huell
  • DJ Culture Conference panel

Part-time Faculty


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Teaching Associates

  • Jasmine Ashoori
  • Alex Cadena
  • Ambria Dean
  • Jefferson Denim
  • Mark Farrell
  • Samantha Garcia
  • Monique Gevorkian
  • Brianne Ingram
  • Fernando Martinez
  • Genna McDaniel
  • Lynette Melikian
  • Aimee Netwon
  • Paolo Ochoa
  • Milena Raycheva
  • Lindsay Thompson
  • Sarina Wang

Basic Course Coordinator