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NEW FACULTY PUBLICATION! A Field Guide to Internships: An Interactive Resource for Discovering Your Career

September 23, 2018

A Field Guide to Internships book cover. A wooden boat dock on a lake.

NEW FACULTY PUBLICATION! A Field Guide to InternshipsAn Interactive Resource for Discovering Your Career 2018 by Sakile Camara, Angela Cooke-Jackson, Randi Picarelli Kathy Beasley AND guest writer Gina Giotta motivate students to: (1) explore myths and benefits of internships, (2) prepare for internships through deep self-work, (3) become familiar with labor laws and internships, (4) develop relationships through mentoring, (5) build networks online and on ground, and (6) troubleshoot workplace interactions. This comprehensive guide includes 30 workbook exercises that can be submitted for grading and feedback. The guide provides free access to Bravofolio, an online e-portfolio solution featuring Indeed job search, a forum discussion board, intern storyboarding, a to do list creator, career coaches, employer notifications and a host of other features.