Communication Studies

Mess America: A Nation in Various States of Dis-dress

November 20 – 22, 2009
Little Theatre, CSUN
Fri/Sat/8pm and Sun 2pm
Tickets ($5 students / $10 non-students) available at the door or in advance at the AS Ticket Office.
For more information contact: Dr. Jeanine Minge at
This performance experience of movement, sound, and imagery critically explores the current state of the nation. Mess America parodies the longest running beauty pageant in the United States and paints a vivid picture of a symbolic institution that reveals much about sexual politics and commercialism, big business and small towns, discrimination and ethnocentrism, fear and desire.
Director: Jeanine Minge
Assistant Director: Trisha Neimeyer
Sound Design: Michael Deragon
Choreography: Trisha Neimeyer
Projections: Ashley Beard
Costume Design: Paula Fleischer
Assistant Designer: Michele Clevering
Soldier: Nabil Suleiman
Sextween: Emelie Castillo
Pageant Mother: Michele Clevering
Pageant Princess: Trisha Neimeyer
Educated Beggar: Asya Mazurova
Corporate Figure 1: Wade MacDonald
Corporate Figure 2: Lee Jay Heller
Husband: Ricky Alex
Stilted Tele: Jeffrey Sands
Henchman 1 (slave): Ricky Alex
Henchman 2: Paula Fleischer
Henchman 3: Sheila Boateng
Henchman 4: Xavier Joven
Henchman 5: Tetsuya Ogi
Henchman 6: (slave) Dominique Harrison
Lycra Draped Dancer: Trisha Neimeyer
Bride: Dominique Harrison