Communication Studies

Flyer for graduate assistant

Qualifications:The Department of Communication Studies at CSUN seeks a qualified candidate to fulfill a graduate assistant position. The candidate must have the following qualifications; currently enrolled as a full time or part time student in the M.A program at CSUN; demonstrated excellence in writing; exceptional organizational and interpersonal skills, and passion to assist students achieve success; academic preparation in Communication Studies preferred.

Responsibilities: The main responsibility of the graduate assistant is to tutor undergraduate students in academic writing and oral presentation skills. The graduate assistant is ecpected to maintain designated hours to support students’ academic success by providing feedback on written assignments and oral presentation for students taking Communication Studies courses.

Salary: $15.00-$17.00 dependent on qualifications

Application Deadline: October 26, 2020 at 5PM

Please submit a resume and letter of interest to 
Or submit a hard copy to the Department.

Any questions, please call the office at 818-677-2853 

Please note: Students applying for Graduate Assistant positions must be currently enrolled in a graduate program. Graduate Assistants provide non-teaching assistance to faculty members and gain practical experience in fields related to their advance study. Academic Student Employees may not concurrently hold a faculty or staff position. Students with assignments in more than one student classification (i.e. Teaching Associate and Graduate Assistant) are restricted to working a maximum of 20 hours per week during the Academic Year. The 20 hour per week maximum includes hours worked in all positions.