Communication Studies

Christie Logan Productions

Christie looked at performance as a way of understanding individuals, groups and the world.  She believed that we constructed our reality in interaction with others and studying performance enabled performers and audiences to interact with perspectives different than their own.  She saw performance as embodying another.  Through this performers and audience would empathize and take on the perspectives and point of views of others.  This was an  aesthetic experience, but also human relations development.  Below is a list of productions Christie directed:

  • We're in Trouble, stories by Christopher Coake.  Scripting and staging workshop, Spring 2007.
  • Storying, a community service-learning performance project.  Fall semester 1999.
  •  What is Home?  An interactive mixed-media performance installation.  May 1998.
  • simuLAcra:  LA by Angelenos, an interactive mixed-media performance installation.   Campus Performance December 1995.
  • Also produced &  performed at the WSCA Annual Convention.  Feb. 1996.
  •  Settling into Stillness, an interactive performance hour with discussion.  Produced for  "Earthquake Recovery Week" at CSUN.  February 1995.
  •  Armchair Athletics, a postmodern rumination on fitness.  November 1993.
  •  HIV and YOU, performance and discussion led by CSUN AIDS Speakers' Bureau.  May 1993.
  •  Freeze Tag: a gendered, racialized expansion of the play  by Jacqueline Reingold,  March 1993.
  • Hauntings, a performance rumination on terror.  November 1990.
  • Frozen Lake, a montage production (weaving narrative fiction and poetry), using the short story “Dispersal” from Will Weaver’s A Gravestone Made of Wheat , and poetry by various poets.  Fall 1989
  • Mother Moon, a staging of poetry by Julie Spanton Williams, Eloise Klein Healy and others.  November 1988.
  • Also an invited production for the "Feedback Theatre" program, Pauline Nelson Interpretation Festival, San Francisco State University, November 1988.
  • In Salvador, a Chamber Theatre production of  Manlio Argueta's One Day of Life and Carolyn Forche''s The Country Between Us December 1987. Also presented at the WSCA Annual Convention, San Diego, Feb. 1988.One Day of Life, a staged reading of Manlio Argueta's novel for the Honors Program Colloquium (April 1987), and for CSUN Amnesty International. November 1988.
  • Shiloh & Third Monday, a Chamber Theatre production of two stories by Bobbie Ann Mason.  December 1986.
  • Hiroshima, a Chamber Theatre production of John Hersey's nonfiction narrative, in observance of the fortieth anniversary of the bombing.  November 1985.
  • Ironweed, a Chamber Theatre production of William Kennedy's novel. April 1985.
  • Tales of Mad Queen Louisa, a Chamber Theatre production of John Gardner’s short story.  Fall 1982
  • Voices, a production of Susan Griffin’s play – adding a layered cast of ESL Interpreters playing the voices of the speaking characters.  Fall 1981
  • As I Lay Dying, a Chamber Theatre production of William Faulkner’s novel.  Fall 1981
  • Canadian Gothic , a production of Joanna Glass’s play, Fall 1980
  • 10:30 on a Summer Night, a Chamber Theatre production of Marguerite Duras’ novel, Fall 1979.
  • Supervising producer for Readers Theatre Anthology, a showcase of student adapted and directed productions, in spring semesters 1980 – 1992.