Television Production - Narrative Option

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The Television Production-Narrative Scripted Pathway began in the Spring 2021. Students master all phases of production in various formats of television scripted programming, synthesizing the producing, directing, editing, and  technical skills necessary to realize studio and location narrative scripted television projects. Graduates will emerge with the professional, creative, and collaborative skills critically needed In today/s evolving television landscape.  You will be a Television Provisional student until you are accepted through the TV Scripted Narrative Portfolio process.


TV Narrative Portfolio Information

Open: September 4, 2023 – Due: November 5, 2023

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CTVA – Television Production Option - Narrative

Students selecting the Television Production Option must own or have access to a Mac Book Pro laptop computer.  The latest discounted offerings can be found through the Matador bookstore or a computer store.  Financial Aid may be applied to the purchase of the computer.  Students who take the editing course and/or perform the role of editor in an advanced or senior-thesis television production course must employ the most current version of AVID Media Composer, an external hard drive, a FLASH/Travel Drive and DVDs, which will be necessary for burning projects and for in-class screenings.  The CTVA department does offer a limited number of editing stations on campus, but we are not equipped to provide editing capabilities for all.  Additionally, please note that the department has a limited amount of cameras, lighting and sound equipment that students may use to complete the course work in the Television Production Option.  Consequently, students may be responsible for renting or having access to similar-quality equipment.  Furthermore, please be aware of the fact that assigned creative projects in Television Production Option classes, including the final, senior-thesis project, have costs attached, and all Television Production Option students will be responsible for paying a portion of those costs.

Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree:

Lower division (12 units)

All lower and upper division courses taken toward completion of the CTVA major must be completed with a grade of C or better.

  • CTVA 100 Introduction to Mass Communication Arts (3)
  • CTVA 210 Television-Film Aesthetics (3)
  • CTVA 220 Foundations of Media Writing (3)
  • CTVA 240 Fundamentals of Video Production (3)

Students must also submit a TV Production Portfolio to be accepted into the TV Narrative Pathway. Upon approval of the portfolio by the CTVA faculty and the successful completion of all lower division requirements as indicated above, a student may continue with upper division TV Production courses as a CTVA TV Production Major in the Narrative Pathway.  


  • CTVA 319           (3)        Criticism in CTVA  

  • CTVA 305           (3)       History of Television  (mandatory for TV majors)

Select One:

  • CTVA 351             (3)        Anatomy of Film Producing 
    or CTVA 480        (3)        Entertainment Media Management
    or CTVA 482        (3)        Network Program Development
    or CTVA 487        (3)        Soc. Controls & Reg of Media

Select One:

  • CTVA 329 A&B     (3)        Program Production
    or CTVA 329C      (3)        Program Production
    or  CTVA 494 A&B   (3)      Internship     

III. Television Production Narrative Pathway

Take all of the following (12 units):

  • CTVA 340          (3)        Advance Multi Cam Production
  • CTVA 341          (3)        Single Camera Video Production
  • CTVA 346          (3)        Episodic Television Production
  • CTVA 442          (3)        Television Thesis Production

Take one of the following (Skill Area) according to your portfolio acceptance skill emphasis (3 units):

  • CTVA 342          (3)        Digital Cinematography 

  • CTVA 343          (3)        Television Production Sound
  • CTVA 352          (3)        Nonlinear Digital Editing 
  • CTVA 455          (3)        Principles of Production Management

Take Two of the following (6 units):

  • CTVA 359         (3)        Post Prod Sound Design

  • CTVA 422         (3)        Writing the Episodic Series
  • CTVA 440         (3)        TV Directing
  • CTVA 475         (3)        Audience Analysis
  • CTVA 480*       (3)        Entertainment Media Management
  • CTVA 481         (3)        Network Practices
  • CTVA 482*       (3)        Network Program Development
  • CTVA 487*       (3)        Regulation of Electronic Media

*Please note-if you took one of these entertainment media management classes as an upper division CTVA common core they will not count towards this requirement.
Additional Units: _____

  • Total Units in the Option - 45

  • General Education Units - 48

  • Additional Units - 27

  • Total Units Required for a B.A. Degree - 120