Television Facilities

TV Control RoomStudents in the CTVA television program work in a 40' x 60' television Studio with adjacent Scene Shop. The television studio contains 4 state-of-the-art Hitachi Z3000 digital television cameras with telepromters, an extensive lighting package with dimmers, and movable blue, white, and black cycloramas.

Overlooking the studio is the Video Control Room which contains a Ross Digital Switcher with digital video effects. The adjacent Sound Room is housed with a Sony digital audio board, a digicart machine and instant replay capability.

The Master Control Room has a character generator and still store and supports recording and playback in DigiBeta, Betacam SP, DVC Pro, DVCAM, and Mini-DV formats.Television Master Control

Television students can also check out from the Equipment Room an array of portable digital cameras including the Red Camera, as well as lights and support equipment for field work.

Television students edit in Individual HDV Editing Suites with Final Cut Pro being the preferred system.

Completed programs are regularly broadcast on the local cable stations.