• Taylor Paul

Taylor Paul

Television Production Spotlight: Taylor Paul

Year graduated from CSUN: 2010

Current company: Fullscreen Media

Position title: Unscripted Creative Executive

Job responsibilities:
On a day to day I develop ideas internally as well as buy projects from outside companies for our platform. I oversee multiple projects at a time from conception to execution. I work with all departments including marketing, press, subscription acquisitions, content ops, product and more to ensure every project is given the best chance to be a successful show. 

Path into the Industry:
During my final year at CSUN I got a job as a bartender. I met a ton of people and a few of them worked in the entertainment industry. I knew I wanted to get into scripted production and one of my customers introduced me to a Line Producer. I met with him and as soon as he booked a pilot he hired me. 

Words of wisdom:
You never know who is going to be willing to help you out. It's often times the people you least expect. Be open, make contacts, and don't be shy. Your next job could literally be waiting for you across the bar top as it did for me. Also, one of your peers is probably going to be your boss at some point, so treat everyone with respect because when you need a job they will remember how you acted in college. 

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