• Stacey Kleiger

Stacey Kleiger

Television Production Spotlight: Stacey Kleiger

Year graduated from CSUN: 2009

Current company: Warrior Poets, Inc (Morgan Spurlock's production company)

Position title: Vice President of Production 

Job responsibilities:
I manage and oversee physical production on all TV, Film and digital projects. This includes acting as a Line Producer to all projects. I make all budgets, hire all production personnel, negotiate rates, approve all production costs, review cost reports, and manage all staff and crew under me.

Path into the Industry:
This is where networking is key. I got each job through a friend or reference. I started as a PA then moved onto working the front desk/reception at a Post-Production studio for a couple years. A friend told me about a Production Secretary position open at my current company and I applied and got the job. In 5 years I worked my way up from Production Secretary, Associate Producer, Production Manager, then finally to VP of Production. 

Words of wisdom:
Many people ask how to get promoted when they know they can do the work once promoted. I say do the work first, then the promotion will just be a recognition of the work you have been doing. That's what happened to me each time.  Also: Stay humble and eager to work. I have seen too many interns or assistants quickly become unhappy with all their coffee runs and small tasks - and that shows. Those who show a "no problem, can do" attitude are the ones we notice and are quick to promote.  

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