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Television Production Spotlight: Sergio Serna

Year graduated from CSUN: 2011

Current company: A Little Late with Lilly Singh- NBC and Alternatino with Arturo Castro - Comedy Central/Quibi

Position title: Writer/Supervising Producer

Job responsibilities:
As a comedy writer, I spend 20% of my day pitching sketches, desk pieces, jokes and games. I spend another 20% writing and executing those pitches. And then the last 60% of my day, I spend stressing out and worrying I’m going to get fired for being unfunny.

Path into the Industry:
In my last year at CSUN, I interned at a production company that mostly produced reality and awards shows. While I was there, one of their shows was renewed, so I asked if they needed any PAs, and they hired me. I had known I wanted to write comedy since high school, and this was a sports reality show, so I made it my mission to get hired on a comedy next. During my time on that show, I told pretty much anyone who would listen that I wanted to be a comedy writer, and thankfully, it paid off. My resume was passed along to a coordinator at a Comedy Central show, and I started as a PA there. From that point, I went from show to show, working my way up from PA, to EP Assistant, to Writers’ Assistant. Eventually I submitted a packet to a show that was staffing writers, and I landed my first writing gig. I’ve been working as a writer ever since.

Words of wisdom:
Work REALLY hard. That sounds very basic, but you should still do it, because in this industry, nothing is just handed to you (unless you’re very rich.) People will take notice if you’re fast and you don’t complain. Also, make sure that whatever career path you’re pursuing is something you’re actually passionate about, because you’re going to have to put in a lot of hard work to get there. And finally, don’t be a jerk and make lots of friends – you should be doing that anyway.

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