Senior Film Showcase 2016

2016 Program cover - colorful film reels

Program [.pdf]

Hosted by Darren Grant
Produced by Cynthia Feyrer


  • Arri Alexa Project
  • Produced by Chris Steiner and Courtney Leonard-Maye
  • Written and Directed by Taylor Salan

All That Glitters

  • Produced by Allessandra Battaglia and Diana Mejia
  • Written and Directed by Kaitlyn Nesbitt


  • Produced by Carolina Oliva Pedroza and Luis Castillo
  • Written and Directed by Dilshan Herath

Beneath the Neon

  • Panavision Young Filmmakers Program
  • Fotokem Grant
  • Produced by Brandon Harris
  • Written and Directed by Brandon Harris


  • Produced by Logan Slater, Brendle Canda and Christian Phelps
  • Written by Lola Ridgell and Derrion Tayler
  • Directed by Lola Ridgell

2016 Film Showcase Trailers