Senior Film Showcase 2015

2015 Senior Film Showcase program cover

Program [.pdf]

Hosted by Sinbad
Produced by Cynthia Feyrer


  • Arri Alexa Project
  • Lee Filters Grant
  • Produced by Itai Forman and Kyle Frey
  • Written by Elmer Zelaya
  • Directed by Elmer Zelaya and Robert Hovanisian

The Death of Colm Canter

  • Arri Alexa Project
  • Produced by Miles Barfield and Brianna Baetz
  • Written and Directed by Revati Dhomse

The Frequencies

  • Produced by Arian Davoudian and Momoko Uchimura
  • Written by Amy El-Ghali & Sahar El-Ghali
  • Directed by Sahar El-Ghali


  • Arri Alexa Project
  • Produced by Sean Miller and Girish Kaushik
  • Written and Directed by Kevin Reyes

When a Flame Stands Still

  • Panavision New Filmmaker Program
  • FotoKem Grant
  • Produced by Randy Kulina, Cynthia Manzo and Zack Meyer
  • Written and Directed by Michael Mike Canon

2015 Senior Film Showcase Trailers