Senior Film Showcase 2014

2014 Showcase cover - cameraman in front of digital background

Program [.pdf]

Hosted by Randal Kleiser
Produced by Cynthia Feyrer

Diana Leigh

  • Produced by John Geronilla
  • Written by Stephanie Hoston
  • Directed by Zac Stoltz


  • Arri Alexa Project
  • Produced by Max Kehs and Daniel Aspromonte
  • Written & Directed by M.Lee Hall

If Ever There's a Tomorrow

  • Produced by Adolfo Aguirre and Brian Lovelace
  • Written and Directed by Samantha Holt


  • Arri Alexa Project
  • Produced by Francisco Nunez and Kyle Loskamp
  • Written and Directed by Chelsea C. Morgan

High Stakes

  • Panavision New Filmmaker Program
  • FotoKem Grant
  • Produced by Nick Cane and Chris De Pretis
  • Written and Directed by Sydney Waco

2014 Senior Film Showcase Trailers