Senior Film Showcase 2013

2013 Senior Film Showcase program cover

Program (.pdf)

Hosted by Tim Russ
Produced by Cynthia Feyrer

Dead Air

  • FotoKem and Panavision’s New Filmmakers Grants
  • Produced by Robert Nutt and Reyna Calvillo 
  • Written and directed by Katlin Majewski

Sonoma Valley Red

  • Arri Alexa Project
  • Produced by Deana J. Becker and Bryn Woznicki
  • Written & Directed by Katelyn Pigoni


  • Recipient of FotoKem Grant
  • Produced by Mariana Rosales and Marissa Siegel
  • Written and Directed by Moises Perez 
  • Awarded first place at California International Shorts Festival

Nong Dao

  • Produced by Tara Lucia Prades and Celine Gaudry
  • Written by Tara Lucia Prades and Ajari Davu-Jianda 
  • Directed by Tara Lucia Prades

2013 Senior Film Showcase Trailers