Senior Film Showcase 2008

2008 Senior Film Showcase program cover

Program (.pdf)

Hosted by Robert Townsend
Produced by Mark Schaubert


  • The Arri 35mm Project 
  • Produced by Sherry Festekjian & Michael Lyons
  • Written and directed by Sherry Festekjian


  • Produced by Amber Rhodes
  • Written and directed by Allan Giron

Shades of Hope

  • Produced by Brianna Campbell & Bret Ford
  • Written and directed by Brianna Campbell

August 5th

  • Produced by Jason Frizado & Sandi M. Smith 
  • Written and directed by Tony Mohareb

Finding Bigfoot

  • Produced by Liz Pantoja & Mallory Diaz 
  • Written and directed Robert Larson


  • The Arri 35mm Project
  • Produced by Liz Pantoja and Mallory Diaz
  • Written and directed Robert Larson

Winner -- 2009 Reel Rasquache Best Short Film--The Reel Rasquache Festival of the U.S. Latino Experience in Film & Art

Cinematheque Awards

  • James Mathers
  • Spiros Strathoulopoulos
  • Robert Mitas
  • Robert Townsend