Senior Film Showcase 2005

2005 Senior Film Showcase program cover

Program (.pdf)

Hosted by Sinbad
Produced by Mark Schaubert

Here and Then

  • Produced by Nancy Berni & Marc Cuaresma & Michelle Tung
  • Written and directed by Michelle Tung

Eagle Spirit

  • Produced by Beverly Abbott & Annie Wiechert
  • Directed by Kevin North

The Wounded Man

  • Produced by Heather Hillstrom & Joe Shanahan
  • Written and directed by Heather Hillstrom

Street 16

  • Produced by Patrea Patrick & Bethany Bassler & Valerie Plimpton & Richard Mbariket
  • Written and directed by Patrea Patrick

Cinematheque Awards

  • Darren Grant
  • Alan Armer
  • Sinbad