Senior Ravhel Granillo will be attending UCLA graduate program

May 22, 2020

Rachel Granillo

Graduating senior Ravhel Granillo will be attending the Production and Directing Program at UCLA in the fall.  A stellar student, Rachel is interested in social issue documentary.   "I am passionate about helping others. I hope to provide a voice for those who are silenced by tyranny, injustice, and maltreatment. Documentary film has the power to inform, educate, and make people better citizens through shared stories. I hope to be able to partner with non-profit organizations to create  social awareness of topics that go overlooked by mainstream media and governmental policy. The issues I would like to cover are civil rights violations and the environmental crisis. With these films, I would like to inform people and create a sense of empathy among viewers. I believe that the power of compelling documentary films can change the world."