• Ryan Peterson

Multimedia Production Alumni Spotlight: Ryan Peterson

Year graduated from CSUN: 2016

Current company: Lavi Industries

Position title: Webmaster

Job responsibilities:
For the most part, I am allowed the freedom to work on any project I'd like, so on a day-to-day basis, I would design and develop web pages, perform server-side maintenance and development, develop strategic online marketing, and critique and improve corporate video content.

Path into the Industry:
I started my career while still in college. It's incredibly difficult to find a work-school balance, but having that experience in the real world stood out to my current employer. I'll tell you that in this job market, the hardest and most important challenge is getting your resume in front of companies (and making sure your resume looks professional). With that in mind, I used a LinkedIn app called Jobr, a "swipe right"-type app that presents you with tons of options all at once. What impressed my current employer is my mastery of a diverse set of skills and the resume that the career office assisted me with. 

Words of wisdom:
You've already taken the first step into starting your career running, the multimedia program affords students the diverse set of skills that employers are looking for. Take every aspect of the program seriously, even if it isn't the field you're interested in. Start early and take projects on the side, employers like to know what you've done and all your accomplishments.

Finally, don't be afraid to take an internship, in fact I recommend taking all possible units toward internships. Experience is your most important asset! 

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