• Maria Khair

Multimedia Production Alumni Spotlight: Maria Khair

Year graduated from CSUN: Spring 2016

Current company: Dialog Group Berhad (Selangor, Malaysia)

Position title: Designer - Graphic

Job responsibilities:
In my company, I'm under the Corporate Communications department where we are responsible for anything to do with media & communications; be it with videos or web design, etc. So far, I have helped design a mobile app we're developing, as well as going into the Android Studio to start coding the front-end side of the mobile app. With my job, my responsibilities vary from participating in brand & marketing campaigns to designing the UI.  

Path into the Industry:
After graduating from CSUN, I moved back home to Malaysia to try and dip my toes in the startup industry. I put my resume on those job finder websites & LinkedIn and did an internship while going in interviews for a full time job. A few months later, my company found my resume from LinkedIn and invited me to interview for a UI/UX position. So another tip, post your resumes on job portals and keep applying. 

Words of wisdom:
It's completely normal to not know what you really want to do after you graduate. Rome wasn't built in a day so please, don't beat yourself up if you're at a "I don't know what I'm doing" stage. It's good being in Multimedia Production because you get exposed to all aspects instead of just sticking to one thing. Just take a breather, eliminate the things that you're pretty sure you don't like (for me, it was animation and game development, sorry Prof lol) and focus on the things that interests you (for me, it was web design and video production). Don't be afraid to to try new things, taking risks and don't be afraid to fail! 

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