• Jane Sorkin

Multimedia Production Alumni Spotlight: Jane Sorkin

Year graduated from CSUN: Fall 2015

Current company: Rooftop Digital

Position title: Marketing Assistant UI/UX

Job responsibilities:
Assist in the implementation of content marketing campaigns for various markets and execute marketing strategies, plans, and objectives. Monitor, report, and define key performance metrics to track traffic and conversion rates to optimize marketing strategy. 

Path into the Industry:
My first job in college was working at the Intramurals department as a Student Assistant and was later promoted to Supervisor. Using the CSUN SUNlink website and Professor Enfield's recommendation, I landed an interview with The Hollywood Reporter and got a paying position as Digital Media Intern. This was a great way to get my foot in the door because I then landed a job as a Social Media Assistant at a company which I worked part-time during school. Once I graduated I landed a great job as a Social Media Analyst at another company. Shortly thereafter, I found something a little more serious and that is how I got my current position. Again, I had very limited experience in this area but the CEO of the company took a chance on me because I was eager to learn and he saw potential in me. I love my job now and am lucky to have such a great position.

Words of wisdom:
(First Advice) Network, network, network! Be nice to everyone you meet, get noticed, and make a good impression. If people know your name, they will remember you and recommend you later in life. In the valley, everyone knows everyone, you never know who will be able to help you. Network with your Professors and network with students! (Second Advice) Make things happen and work hard to do it. Take it upon yourself to create the life that you want to have as early as...right now. Live, breathe, and think success. 

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