• Michael Poisson

Michael Poisson

Television Production Spotlight: MIchael Poisson

Year graduated from CSUN: 2007

Current company: NBC Entertainment

Position title: Associate, Current Programming

Job responsibilities:
As a Current Executive, it’s my job review material from my assigned NBC series currently on the air and give feedback to producers. We work with the studios to approve the staffing of writers & directors and budget overages for the season, as well as casting for guest roles. We also ensure that a series gets the exposer it needs from the network in terms of marketing, publicity and promos. We are the voice of the network to the show and the representative of the show to the network.

Path into the Industry:
My second to last semester at CSUN a guest speaker came into class and told us about his job, he was an NBC Current Executive. It sounded like the greatest job in the world to me. The next day, I told the Professor how much I got out of it and he put me in contact with people at NBC. This lead to my internship at NBC my final semester of school, which was during the writers’ strike of 2007. Once I graduated, I applied and was accepted into the NBC Page Program. I tried to make the most of this year long program. Once my year in the program ended, the lingering effects of the writers’ strike were being felt across the industry in terms of hiring freezes and layoffs. Fortunately, I found work as a PA on unscripted series (Big Brother, Dancing With The Stars). A year and a half after my Page Staff job ended and 26 job interviews later, two people that I had met (and impressed) back when I was an intern and a Page called me because they were getting an assistant together and wanted me to apply. In September 2010, I was hired as an Entertainment Coordinator in Current Programming at NBC. For nearly six years, I was an assistant climbing the ranks of higher level desks within the department. In June of 2016, I was promoted to Associate and I’m now an NBC Current Executive. 

Words of wisdom:
Make the most of the opportunity in front of you! Get an internship, make sure it’s with a company big or small that is full of people that you like or they’re doing exactly what you want to do. No matter what you’re tasked with doing (I use to go on lunch runs every day), make sure you’re doing it to the best of your ability and every task given to you, accept it with a smile! Chances are, they know not every job is glamourous, they know you didn’t go to college to go on lunch runs, get people coffee or fill the copy machine. But if you can be relied upon, if you have a good attitude, when a job opens up, those people will think of who they know that can be trusted, who works hard and is dependable. Make sure they think of you.

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