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Television Production Spotlight: Julia Dills

Year graduated from CSUN: 2014

Current company: Entertainment One

Position title: Coordinator, Current Programming, Scripted TV

Job responsibilities:
Our department is in charge of the day-to-day creative management of eOne’s shows that are currently in production or on the air. Some of our responsibilities include giving notes on all drafts and all cuts, helping the showrunner/producers identify and hire writers and directors, approving all casting choices and department head hires, and acting as a liaison between the show and the network.

Path into the Industry:
I had a few internships that helped get my foot in the door. My internship on season 7 of Mad Men as a production office intern was the most influential and helpful. I was hired fulltime as an office PA after I graduated and then worked on a few shows (Scorpion, LOVE, Bosch) before moving over to the studio side at eOne.

Words of wisdom:
Those who “don’t make it” in this industry are those who give up or move on to something else. Persistence, politeness, and hard work will take you far!

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