• Camera operator and sound boom operator filming a scene from a senior film project

Film Production Option

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Film Production Option:  Conceptualization, production, directing, editing and distribution of cinematic projects for both entertainment and informational purposes.  It emphasizes the use of standard single camera concepts, techniques and skill sets that are required by traditional “film style” crews.  Graduates will emerge with the professional, creative, and collaborative skills critically needed in today's evolving film and television landscape. You will be a Film Provisional student until you are accepted by Film Portfolio process.  

Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree

  • All lower and upper division courses taken toward completion of the CTVA major must be completed with a grade of C or better, except as noted below.

CTVA/Film Production-Provisional Option

Lower Division (15 units)

  • CTVA 100 Introduction to Mass Communication Arts (3)
  • CTVA 210 Television-Film Aesthetics (3)
  • CTVA 220 Foundations of Media Writing (3)
  • ART 250 Photography I (pre-req for CTVA 250) (3)
  • CTVA 250 Fundamentals of Film Production (3)

NOTE: CTVA/Film Production-Provisional majors wishing to enter the upper division Film Production Option curriculum must successfully complete all lower division requirements, with a B- or better in CTVA 250, and submit a Film Production Portfolio Review Application (NEW ON-LINE APPLICATION is now available).  Upon the approval of a portfolio by the CTVA faculty and the successful completion of the lower division requirements as indicated above, a student may continue with upper division Film Production courses as a CTVA/Film Production Major.

CTVA/Film Production Option

Upper Division (24 units)

  • CTVA 310 History of American Cinema (3)
  • CTVA 319 Criticism in Cinema and Television Arts (3)
  • CTVA 329A  Program Production (1)
  • CTVA 350 Film Directing (3)
  • CTVA 351 Anatomy of Film Producing (3)
  • CTVA 355 Intermediate Film Production (3)
  • CTVA 452 A Senior Film Project (2)
  • CTVA 452 B Senior Film Project (1)
  • CTVA 453 Advanced Film Production (3)
  • CTVA 494 A&B Internship (3)

Select one of the following course sequences according to your skill emphasis:

Editing (6 units)
  • CTVA 352 Nonlinear Digital Editing (3)
  • CTVA 357 Advanced Film Editing  (3)
Sound (6 units)
  • CTVA 358 Advanced Film Sound (3)
  • CTVA 359 Post Prod Sound Design (3
Cinematography (3 units)
  • CTVA 357 Advanced Cinematography (3)
  • UD Elective (3)
  • (With permission of your advisor, select 3 additional CTVA upper division units)
Producing: (3 units)
  • CTVA 455 Principles of Production Management (3)
  • UD Elective (3)
  • (With permission of your advisor, select 3 additional CTVA upper division units)

Additional Units:

  • General Education: CTVA 100 can be counted toward GE Lifelong Learning and the major.


  • Total Units in the Option - 46

  • General Education Units - 48

  • Additional Unit - 26

  • Total Units Required for the Degree - 120