The Future: Emerging Media, VR and the Spatial Web in Higher Education

Thursday, November 19, 2020 - 7:00pm

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The Future: Emerging Media, VR and the Spatial Web in Higher Education

CTVA Distinguished Speaker Series

When: Thurs. Nov. 19, 7-9 pm
Where: ZOOM
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Join us for an expert download on the future of education. Speakers include:

  • Zenka Caro (Futurist and Augmented Reality Expert)
  • Dylan James Levitt (Author & Expert in Virtual Reality and the Transformation of Higher Education)
  • Mark Sims (Entrepreneur and Consciousness Pioneer)

Learn how virtual reality and collaborative research is shaping the future of education. What infrastructure do we need to move society from the Information Age to the Wisdom Age? Can we accelerate a mass shift in consciousness using shared data visualization and interconnected, cutting edge citizen science research? This talk outlines this vision, painting a picture of what is to come in the years 2019-2030. We will cover many elephants in the room - including exponential change, consciousness, and advances in the spatial web (virtual reality, augmented reality, haptics and wearables). Topics include the mirror world, simulation theory, Nuerables, HTC Vive retina tracking, Brain Talker chips, AR contact lenses and more).

Speaker Bios


Zenka CaroZenka Caro is a futurist. She specializes in social and metaverse architecture. She works as an advocate for free tools and “plumbing’ which can accelerate and cushion our current, mass shift in consciousness.

Zenka consults, speaks at conferences, and prototypes systems including; The Global Awakening Tracker (a system to quantify the global renaissance) Triple Smart Labs (a hardware share lab), The Passion Based Economy (a 20% project for Plan A).  In addition to Triple Smart Labs, she is a founding member and product designer of the Eden.Coop in Topanga, CA. Eden.Coop is an education and embodyment platform to make self actualization more accessible. She is designing the data coop to support decentralized intelligence systems and data visualization.


Mark is a serial entrepreneur, Harvard Business School alumni and spiritual scientist. His background is in Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Internet Security, and nanotechnology.

Mark’s first business was Netrex (1991-1999), the world’s first pure-play Internet Security services company. While running Netrex, Mark completed Harvard Business School. In April 2004, Mark started his second business called Nanorex (2004-2009). Nanorex was an open source software company that developed a unique CAD program called NanoEngineer-1 for designing and simulating nano-scale machine systems. NanoEngineer-1 was inspired by the book “Engines of Creation” written by Dr. K. Eric Drexler, which he read in 1989.

In 2014, Mark started Vortrex LLC, a renewable energy company that designs and manufactures efficient and visually appealing charging stations powered by solar and wind.

He started leading CE-5 expeditions in Michigan and California to gain proficiency in and promote “Human Initiated ET Contact". He has written a book on the experiences and has been involved in the New Paradigm College. The college teaches permaculture and sustainable design principles.


Dylan James Levitt is an author, coach & certified transformational trainer. After earning a degree in communication studies he became obsessed with correcting for the gaps he saw in the current education system. In his day job as a relationship coach he gives people the tools and skills they never got in school to build and sustain healthy, satisfying relationships & deep connections.

Dylan has a burning passion for integrating self-education & relationship skills into the formal education system. During his own years attending University, the personal development programs he invested in made a profound impact on him, spurring his mission to fuse self-education with formal education. His ultimate vision is to build a University that creates leaders instead of workers, and solves for personal well-being instead of just financial well-being.


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