Entertainment Media Management Option

What is Entertainment Media Management?

Entertainment media management is a business-oriented discipline that focuses on the leadership of media firms. The field encompasses a range of topics, including managerial theories and organizational management, the media industry structure and environment, financial management, production management, procurement management, media research, media sales, content distribution, and the marketing of media companies. In examining each of these areas, emphasis is placed on strategic decision-making and problem identification in an industry experiencing rapid technological change, shifting consumer trends, and evolving regulation.

The major objective of entertainment media management as an academic discipline is to connect management theory to practice within media enterprises and throughout the phases of content development and distribution. Media professionals need strong managerial and business strategy skills as well as an entrepreneurial mindset to succeed in today’s dynamic media environment. The coursework that students will be immersed in will equip them with these skills to make an impact in a wide array of positions, including talent and production management, media research, programming, sales, marketing, and media law.

Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree:

CTVA - Entertainment Media Management Option

I. Lower Division (12 units)

Students need to complete with a passing grade of C or higher

  • CTVA 100 Introduction to Mass Communication Arts (3)
  • CTVA 210 Television-Film Aesthetics (3)
  • CTVA 220 Foundations of Media Writing (3)
  • CTVA CTVA 240 Fundamentals of Video Production (3)
    or CTVA 250 Fundamentals of Film Production (3)
    or CTVA 260 Intro Digital Filmmaking (3)


  • CTVA 319           (3)       Criticism in CTVA  

Select One:

  • CTVA 305           (3)       History of Television   
    or CTVA 310       (3)       History of American Cinema 

Select One:

  • CTVA 351            (3)        Anatomy of Film Producing 
    or CTVA 480        (3)        Entertainment Media Mgt
    or CTVA 482        (3)        Network Program Development
    or CTVA 487        (3)        Soc. Controls & Reg of Media

Select One:

  • CTVA 329 A&B     (3)        Program Production
    or CTVA 329C      (3)        Program Production
    or  CTVA 494 A&B   (3)      Internship     

III Entertainment Media Management (21 units)

Take all of the following:
  • CTVA 301         (3)        Research in CTVA
  • CTVA 480         (3)        Entertainment Media Management
  • CTVA 475         (3)        Audience Analysis 
  • CTVA 487         (3)        Soc. Controls & Reg of Media
  • CTVA 489         (3)        Strategic Media Management

Take two of the following:

  • CTVA 384         (3)        Elec Media Advertising 
  • CTVA 405         (3)        International Broadcasting 
  • CTVA 481         (3)        Network Practices  
  • CTVA 483         (3)        Emrging Media Prog Practices
  • Total Units in the Major - 45

  • General Education Units - 48

  • Additional Units - 27

  • Total Units Required for a B.A. Degree - 120