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Emerging Media Production Option


The Emerging Media Production option educates students in the areas of media and technology currently expanding across many fields including entertainment, film, television, theater, education and art.

The option focuses on interactive and immersive storytelling and includes coursework in 360-video production, virtual reality, augmented reality, video projection, interactive media, virtual production and sound design.

Emerging Media Production students are exposed to cutting-edge methods and develop unique production skills to generate original projects. Curricular emphasis is on project-based courses and collaboration, culminating with a service-learning capstone class. Graduates will be prepared for careers in a wide range of industries.

No portfolio is required at this time, however, students must have completed and passed with a C or better all the lower division CTVA courses: CTVA 100, CTVA 210, CTVA 220, CTVA 260 (or CTVA 240 or CTVA 250)

 CalState Northridge (Northridge, CA) – Outstanding merging media training

CSUN has one of the most far-reaching academic programs of any public university on the West Coast, with undergraduate degrees in Film Production, Entertainment Media Management, and Screenwriting and Television Production (for both Narrative and Documentary). Still, its most cutting-edge track is the B.A. in Emerging Media, which deals with interactive and immersive storytelling to meet the needs of the new entertainment formats (virtual, augmented and mixed realities) that are changing how we appreciate and relate to audiovisual works. Courses include 360-video production (cinematic VR), Augmented Reality, video projection, and model-based VR developed for Oculus headsets.

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Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree

Lower division (12 units)

Students need to complete with a passing grade of C or higher:

  • CTVA 100 Introduction to Mass Communication Art (3)
  • CTVA 210 Television-Film Aesthetics (3)
  • CTVA 220 Foundations Media Writing (3)
  • CTVA 260 Intro to Digital Filmmaking (3)  (See NOTE below)

NOTE: Transfers from the Film and TV Options can substitute either of the following classes for CTVA 260:

    • CTVA 240 Fundamentals of Video Production (3)
    • CTVA 250 Fundamentals of Film Production (3)

Upper Division Common Core (12 units total)

  • CTVA 319 Criticism in CTVA (3)

Select one: 

  • CTVA 305 History of Broadcasting (3)
    or CTVA 310 History of American Cinema (3)

Select one: 

  • CTVA 351 Anatomy of Film Producing (3)
    or CTVA 480 Entertainment Media Management (3)
    or CTVA 482 Network Program Development (3)
    or CTVA 487 Soc. Controls & Reg of Media (3)

Select one: 

  • CTVA 329 A & B Program Production (3)
    or CTVA C Program Production (3)
    or CTVA 494 A &B Internship (3)

Required Courses in Emerging Media (21 units)

  • ART 210 – Animation Technology (* offered in Fall 2021 see note below)
    (ART 200 -- *as a replacement for Art 210 in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 only) 
  • ART 364 – Animation 3D 1
  • CTVA 315 – New Directions
  • CTVA 363 – Fundamentals of Immersive Production (* offered in Fall 2020)
  • CTVA 364 – Interactive Production (* offered in Spring 2021)
  • CTVA 462 – Intermediate Immersive Production
  • CTVA 463 CS – Emerging Media Capstone (service learning course)

Please contact Professor Elizabeth Leister for questions regarding the Emerging Media Production option.