• Brooke Noska

Brooke Noska

Television Production Spotlight: Brooke Noska

Year graduated from CSUN: 2014

Current company: The Orville - 20th Century FOX TV

Position title: Visual Effects Producer

Job responsibilities:
Providing leadership and management to a busy VFX production department within the constraints of a television production scheudle; ensuring the organization and effectiveness of multiple teams - on set, in house, and a wide spread of California and International vendors alike. Responsible for acting as a liaison between the creative process and budgetary asks, while also keeping in constant communication with FOX studios and series executives in regards to budgets, timelines and personnelEnsuring fluid production through providing all methodology, conform, and project scope information to teams through multiple database systems, e-mails, and daily check-ins. Maintaining general team morale to ensure hitting delivery targets and deadlines. Running internal dailies sessions and communicating tasks and updates between executives and vendors consecutively.

In short… making a whole lot of cool space adventures - IN SPACE!

Path into the Industry:
Restaurant work or a barista would have been fun, but it wasn’t for me!  I’ve always been interested in the art of storytelling and bringing individuals together through it’s different platforms.  I was introduced into the world of entertainment through a little theme park in Northern California, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.  Taking on many different positions lead to becoming a supervisors of the parks entertainment department.  During my tenure I acted as a camera operator, on-stage performer, and technical director.  These skills, and many others, transferred with me to CSUN working within the athletic broadcast programs, CTVA engineering team, and over to classroom projects.  Once graduated, my peers and the teaching staff always had a finger on the pulse informing me of opportunities within their networks.  After what could be considered an insane amount of interviews, one finally stuck and I was hired as a VFX editor for a boutique VFX house in Burbank, FuseFX.  Through years of dedication and persistence, I was able to quickly move my way up through the ranks and become a VFX Producer working on many notable TV series and feature films.  With the relationship that I built as a vendor on The Orville (Season One), I was contacted by FOX executives, interviewed, and moved over to FOX studios acting as the VFX Producer and Department Head for Season 2.

Words of wisdom:
Be hungry!  Not college style ramen hungry… 

You may think you know exactly what your path is, but this industry is ALWAYS changing and we are a huge part of that change!  There are a ton of options out there so don’t put a narrow focus on just one goal, dream BIG!  Use your time in school to build your  toolbox of skills and network within the student body and teaching staff.  You never know who will call on you one day to help them out and what that will lead to.  Colleagues in this industry are mostly willing to talk about their paths and share their experiences.  If you show that you are someone with the hunger and drive to survive this lifestyle they are usually up to show you a trick or two to get you to that next step! 

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