If you took a course at another college that is the equivalent of a CTVA lower-division core course, and if that course taken elsewhere is not recognized by SOLAR as the prerequisite for an upper-division CTVA course that you are eligible to take next semester, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Send an e-mail to ctva411@csun.edu. Type “FALL 2019 REGISTRATION” in the subject line.

  2. State your FULL NAME, STUDENT ID NUMBER, and the OPTION you are in.
  3. Include the course or courses you took that have not articulated. Include an unofficial transcript with the request if the course [or courses] doesn’t show up on your DPR.
  4. Put the three digit CTVA COURSE NUMBER and the five digit CTVA CLASS ID NUMBER of the course(s) you want to enroll in.

The CTVA Department will get back to you as soon as possible. Please send your request a day or two before your registration appointment.

*CTVA Students who took JOUR 100 or CTVA 196DF must follow the instructions above. Please state in the e-mail that you are enrolled in or have already taken JOUR 100 or CTVA 196DF in STEP THREE


Those CTVA students that will have completed 80 or more units in the Fall 2017 semester are eligible to enroll in spring and summer 2018 internship classes.

Please click on INTERNSHIP INFORMATION on the left sidebar for details!