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About the Fall CTVA 494 Internship Program

Students, while you are advised to begin your Fall CTVA 494 internship search early, be aware many companies will be delaying their decisions this year until very near the beginning of the semester. Fall internship eligibility begins no earlier than Aug. 24, 2020 with permission from the professor. You will have until Sept. 8 to register with no additional permissions necessary.  

Please check back here later in the Summer for registration information on general CTVA 494 internship information webinars to be scheduled beginning the week of Aug. 3. Also check your e-mail for details for more information on attending one of the upcoming internship information sessions planned over the course of Fall 2020. 

You must attend one of these mandatory sessions  in order to register for the internship.

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The goal of the CTVA Internship Program is to instill in students the knowledge, expertise, and creative skills that will allow them to pursue their goals in digital media, cinema, television, screenwriting, management and radio.  The CTVA Internship Program promotes the critical, analytical, creative, ethical, and conceptual thinking that will enrich the students’ professional career paths.

Many internships are non-paid positions although virtually all the major studios, networks and production companies offer paid internships. 

To be qualified for a CTVA internship in Fall 2020 [CTVA 494A/B (3 units) or CTVA 494C/D (6 units)] a CTVA undergraduate student:

  • Must be a senior (have 85+ units)
  • Must be in good academic standing
  • Must have completed the required lower division CTVA major courses
  • Must be in a CTVA major area of emphasis

The internship course for CTVA graduate students is CTVA 694A/B (3 units). 
Most internships are designed for three units (135 hours of work minimum). 
A six-unit internship requires virtually full-time work for a minimum of 270 hours for the semester.
A student may take a maximum of six CTVA internship units for credit.

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